April Favourites


I took an unintentional blogging break for the month. I was away on holidays and time just seemed to get away from me. But I’m back with a re-energised vigour. So let’s jump head first into my April Favourites.

OtterBox X Swarovski Phone Case*

My phone is basically glued to my right hand, so it’s no question that it occasionally takes a tumble. Previously I would wince, reach down and  pray that my most prised possession was still intact.  Now I don’t have this concern. Not only are Otterbox phone cases the gold standard when it comes to phone protection, but this particular collab makes my little heart sing.  Covered in swarovski crystals, you could say that my phone’s highlight is on point. Usually phone covers that protect like this are big, bulky and frankly, unattractive but this ticks all the boxes.


Urban Decay Ultimate Pair Lip Kits *

Finally a lip-kit of incredible quality and for a reasonable price. I already adore Urban Decay’s Vice lipstick range, but these little duos are just fabulous. There’s no second guessing about which lip-liner suits best; it’s already perfectly packaged up for you in the one little box.  I just wish there was more of a selection of shades.

IMG_9306 (1)

It Cosmetics Superhero Palette*

I was gifted this palette at the start of the year, but never really got around to playing with it all that much. But I have been using this a whole heap lately. The formula is just something else. Buttery, blendable and super pigmented, these eye-shadows are even enhanced with anti-aging skincare benefits to nourish the eyelid. This palette is so user friendly and provides a good range of versatile shades that would suit almost any skin tone and eye colour. This little baby is landing at Sephora soon, but is limited.


Revlon Eye Art

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably have seen these little guys featuring in my MOTD images.  They are STUNNING! They are a cream eyeshadow, glitter liner combo that actually works. The formula is simply gorgeous. The creams just glide on, deliver an incredible amount of pigment, all while being super blendable. Although the glitter doesn’t work too well as a liner, it is lovely when tapped on and blended out for a injection of sparkle. Both formula’s don’t stray or fade once dry – BIG BONUS! My oily little eyelids usually don’t agree with cream eyeshadows, but I have been just loving these for a little something extra.


Nars Velvet Lip Glide in Playpen 

Nars Velvet Lip Glides are next level! They combine the best of both worlds, by providing long lasting colour all while given your lips a little loving. It’s well known that liquid lipsticks can be quite harsh on the lips and that normal glossy formulas usually aren’t long lasting.  But these have changed the game. Once applied my lips feel buttery, but not too sticky and pack a pigment punch. After a few hours the glossy finish does diminish, but the formula acts like a kind of stain, which allows that pigment stick around. The shade I have is Playpen which is a pinky nude that is perfect for easy, daily wear. I have heard that the darker shades of this line can be a little patchy.


Bobbi Brown Havana Brights*

This is heaven, or should I say Havana, in a palette. My goodness! I cannot express to you enough just how gorgeous this little number is. Encased in a fabulous neon coral case, this palette sure is pleasing to the eye. Inside is the most stunning cheek trio including a bronzer, blush and highlight. The shades add a beautiful natural glow to the face and the formula is super blendable and stays true the Bobbi Brown incredibly high standard.  I took this little baby away with me recently and favoured using this as eyeshadow as well.  Such a perfect, versatile little palette.


That’s it.

Hope you had a fabulous April and you can look forward to a few more blog posts this month.

Take care,


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DISCLAIMER – Although these products were sent for my consideration, all views and opinions are 100% honest. All opinions are based purely from my own experiences. I try my hardest to provide my readers with accurate information, but I am not by any means a professional, nor am I an expert. Please do not confuse my opinions with professional advice.


May Favourites

IMG_5163 (2)

Hello June! It is officially Winter – but boy it doesn’t feel like it. The evenings and morning are finally starting to get cooler but the days are still fairly warm… not that I am complaining. Let’s dive into the products I have been reaching for this month.

IMG_5162 (2)


I was so lucky to be sent a few items from Skinstitut. I had heard so many great things about the brand, but never had the opportunity to try them. I have been using the L-Lactic cleanser, Glycolic Scrub and Even Blend serum for just over a month and I have really been loving them. The cleanser is the perfect addition to my shower. It is gentle yet effective. It removes makeup, exfoliates and refines my skin. My face isn’t left feeling tight or dry afterwards. The scrub is also a welcomed addition to my shower, I have been using this every other day for extra exfoliation. It isn’t too gritty, too creamy or too abrasive, it’s the perfect formula. I love exfoliators and this one really measures up. My skin feels soft, clean and fresh. Winner. The Even Blend Serum is thin and spreads out well. It sinks straight into the skin and is a great boost of moisture while targeting pigmentation. So far I have noticed a slight difference in dark spots and pigmentation, and can’t wait to see the results after more use.

IMG_5168 (2)


Jade Roller

I am completely obsessed with this little beauty tool. It perfectly combines my love of crystals and cosmetics. The jade roller is used to combat redness, improve skin tone ,encourage lymphatic drainage, eliminate excess toxins and puffy skin all while pushing in skincare, so that you experience the full benefits of the products. Sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong. It definitely delivers. Stay tuned for a detailed blog post about the Jade Roller later in the week.

IMG_5167 (2)

Scout Cosmetics

I was lucky enough to receive a couple of goodies from Scout Cosmetics. This is a brand that I haven’t previously had any experience with.  Scout is a mineral make-up brand that also created a few skincare items and nail polish. I received the Brow Defining Dust and the Organic Pomegranate and White Tea Rejuvenating Creme. So far I have been reaching for the Brow Defining Dust daily. It is so easy and effortless to apply. Not only does it thicken and define my brows, but it makes them look super natural – Not overdrawn at all. The staying power is great and I have been loving the colour.  I love that it is Australian made, natural and cruelty free. I have only used the Rejuvenating Creme a couple of times, but it is just lovely. It is absolutely perfect for under make up. It is light and sinks into the skin instantly, I can apply my primer and foundation straight away. It leaves my skin hydrated, smooth and fresh. Can’t wait to use this guy a little more.

IMG_5169 (2)


MooGoo Udder Cream

If you are a regular reader of the blog, you would know that I am pretty damn obsessed with MooGoo. Since the weather has started to turn cold, my skin has really started to suffer. This cream is just perfect. If there was only one moisturiser product that I could use for the rest of my life – It would be this. Not only is it the product that the entire brand was built upon, but it is also a miracle worker. Udder cream works well as a hand cream, body balm, and even a face moisturiser. It sinks in quickly and skin is immediately softer and plumper. Plus it smells so so so good. It is this delicious milky sweet scent that just conjures up feelings and memories of warm baths and snuggly towels. I have about three tubes currently opened and scattered around the house and in my handbag. This is definitely a great addition to your collection and a great introduction to MooGoo.

IMG_5166 (2)

Weleda – Sea Buckthorn Creamy Body Wash

Another favourite this month has been the Weleda Sea Buckthorn Creamy Body Wash. Firstly the packaging is beautiful and bright – it really stand outs. The body wash is as the name suggests very creamy and hydrating. It lathers up really nicely with this huge burst of a citrus, which is really energizing and uplifting. My skin is left soft, smooth and smelling delicious. Weleda as a brand is only relatively new to me, but I have loved all the products I have used so far. I will be looking into their product range more and trying some other bits and pieces.


Last months favourites seem to be very skincare heavy, but I guess that reflects this time of the year.


Until next time,

Camille x


April Favourites


April Favourites? That means I have been formally blogging for a month! I am so glad I finally dived in to the world of blogging. My creative juices are flowing and I feel so much more inspired. Life is so hectic, but I have really been loving it. Thank you to all my followers so far and to each and everyone who has taken the time to read my posts. I really really appreciate it. Anyway enough reflection, here are a few bits and bobs that I have been loving this month.


Swisse – Manuka Honey Detoxifying Facial Mask (AU$ 14.99 – $19.99)

I love face masks – Any excuse to take 20 minutes to myself and relax and give my skin a little treat. At any one time I probably have 5 masks on the go and always alternate between them all. But, this little beauty has changed that. I cannot put this down and have been in an exclusive relationship with this masks for almost 4 weeks. I have just about finished the whole pot.  Full of amazing ingredients like soothing aloe vera, antibacterial manuka honey, purifying charcoal and kaolin clay, this mask feels so lovely on the skin. It is super easy to use and you can actually see the mask drawing out impurities as it dries. My skin feels soft, fresh and clean. The formula is smooth and lovely to apply, it even has a faint cherry scent. The Manuka Honey mask has been my introduction to the Swisse Skincare range, and going by the quality and results it won’t be long until I get my grubby mitts on some more.


Maybelline – ColourBlur Lip Pencil (AU$ 17.95)

Maybelline ColourBlur is a matte lip pencil that was designed to create the ombre look with ease. The pencil is so soft and glides on the lip, I don’t even feel like I am wearing anything. The colours are bright and pigmented and can be built up of for more depth. They are long-lasting and non-drying. At this stage I only have two colours but I will be keeping my eye out for some more.


Weleda – Skin Food (AU$ 14.95)
How have I not heard of or used this product before? I must have been living under a rock.  Not only has it been around for 90 years, but it is a cult product. Skin Food is absolutely amazing. It is 100% natural and includes beautiful botanaicals and nourishing oils. It is free from parabens, artificial preservatives, colours and fragrances. Skin Food is cruelty free and suitable for vegetarians. Skin Food is suitable for any dry skin – hands, feet, knees and elbows. But many people have found other uses for it. I have read about people using it as a super hydrating face mask, as a natural highlighter and a lip balm among other things. So far I have only used Skin Food on my dry flaky bits and it has won me over on that use alone. I am a chronic sufferer of dry, split skin and cuticles around my finger nails. It has been like this for as long as I remember and nothing has really made a difference. These little splits are painful and get much worse in the cooler months. They crack and bleed in cool windy weather and are the bane of my existence. However, Skin Food has so far really made a difference.  The spilts heal up far quicker than before, they are less painful and I actually think the amount of sores has decreased.  The cream itself smells incredible – A bit of an aromatherapy experience. It is thick, but surprisingly absorbs instantly. Skin is left hydrated, soft and smooth. I have already gone through a whole 30ml tube and have just repurchased another one. I have the feeling that this little guy will be with me for a long long time.


Loreal – Lumi Magique (AU$ 34.95 )

I am a bit behind on this product. I have heard bloggers rave about Loreal Lumi Magique for such a long time, but this product never interested me.  I used to be all about foundation with a matte finish. I would imagine using a dewy finish would leave me looking like an absolute greaseball by the end of the day.  But my tastes have changed, I think a soft dewy finish is really complimentary and looks so beautiful and natural. I needed a new darker foundation after getting into fake tanning, so I thought I would surrender to the hype and give this bad boy a go. I am so impressed by it. It is really long-lasting, great coverage and leaves such a lovely finish. I generally use it with a mattifying primer so that there is some oil control. On particularly warm days I do need a little powder touch up after 5-6 hours, but other than that I adore it. It has definitely been my go to since purchasing it.



Coty – Airspun

This is another hugely hyped product. I had been using Ben Nye powers for baking but they just weren’t cutting it. After reading many reviews I thought I would give in and see what it could do for me. Many bloggers mentioned the scent of the product being overwhelming and a little ‘old ladyish’, but I actually quite like it. It is soft, subtle and floral and disappears once the powder is brushed off. The powder itself is so finely milled and has a slight peach tone to it, however I don’t find that this shows up on the skin.  It sits on the skin perfectly and is easily brushed away after baking. My skin is left looking almost air-brushed, soft and smooth. My pores are disguised as well, and that makes me so excited. I do using a setting/finishing spray to remove any excess powder and my make up lasts all day looking freshly applied. The only downside is the packaging. The lid easily slides off – a little too easily. I removed the powder puff and now the powder is just everywhere. I have to be extremely careful opening it to prevent a cloud of powder ending up of the floor. If you know about any hacks stopping this, I would love it know what it is. I have been using Airspun daily for a month now and I have not even made a dint in the product, for only $16 from Crush Cosmetics (cheaper on Ebay), you cannot go wrong.

IMG_3650 (2)


Gala Daling – Radical Self Love  (AU$ 12- $20)

I hate the term ‘self help book’ I prefer to think of these books as a platform to prompt yourself to reflect and grow. I think of myself as a really spiritual person and I try to live my life as instinctively and intuitively as I can. I love the simple pleasures in life, although cosmetics and the beauty industry may contradict that, it is something that brings me a lot of joy. This book just speaks to me. It is simple, practical and not over the top. It is easy to follow with life-affirming lessons. I have had a tough couple of years by completely internalizing my thoughts and feelings because I was afraid to say them out loud and see the reactions of the people around me. It is books like this that have taught me to be more self-aware, and how to live a more fulfilling life.  It may sound like a whole lot of new-age nonsense, but it is genuinely and whole-heartedly something that I believe in.

Have you ever dreamed of a life full of laughter, love and sequins…but felt totally clueless about how to make it happen? You’re not alone. Bestselling author and speaker Gala Darling spent years in soul-sucking jobs, battling with depression and an eating disorder. Her life was filled with chaos and disaster – simply because she didn’t know how to create the life she dreamed of. In Radical Self-Love, Gala recounts how she turned her life around from self-destruction to self-love, and shows how you can do the same.


I definitely got a bit more personal than I had planned to in this blog 😐 I hope I didn’t bore you too much. Did you have any similar favourites this months?


Until next time,

Camille x

*Although some products were kindly provided to me for consideration, all opinions are 100% honest. I only include items that I feel are worthy of a mention.

March Favourites

Can you believe that it is April already? The months are just flying by. So let’s waste no time in diving into my favourite products last month..


Kat Von D – Shade and Light Eye Contour Palette

Why did it take me so long to purchase this bad boy?! It is just something else. At first glance I fell in love; The packaging is sleek, sturdy and somehow sexy… if make up can even be sexy. The pans are generous and beautifully set out into tone coordinated quads. The colours are super pigmented, and so very buttery. Really blendable and buildable, this eyeshadow palette is just perfection. I try to use a different eyeshadow palette each day, but I have been reaching for this constantly. If this palette isn’t in your collection, you really need to take a long hard look at yourself 😉  This is my first purchase from Kat Von D Beauty range, and judging by the quality of this product I really need to get my grubby mitts on some more.


Real-U 3 Step Skincare (Cleanse, Control and Hydrate)

Real-U has been an absolute god-send. I have oily, congested skin and suffer from blackheads and hormonal breakouts. Since using Real-U my skin has completely changed. My breakouts are minimal, my face feels smooth and fresh. I feel so much more confident going out without any make-up on, and trust me, that is a huge deal. You can read a detailed review of Real-U here.


NYX Cosmetics – Intense Butter Gloss

It feels like I have been waiting for these to be released for ever.  As an avid user of the regular Butter Gloss, you could imagine my excitement when the intense version was announced. I picked up 4 colours from Target (Spice Cake, Tres Leches, Sorbet and Chocolate Crepe). They are the same creamy formula as the Butter Gloss, but pack a pigmented punch.  Stay tuned for a more detailed post about these guys.


Rodial – Super Acids X-Treme Hangover Mask

Face masks are another of my vices. At any one time I probably have 4 or 5 on the go. I bought this guy a little while ago and have finally gotten around to using him. I have heard really good things about Rodial skincare and have been  interested in trying their products.  Rodial‘s Super Acid X-Treme Hangover Mask is a triple action resurfacing clay mask with hexapeptide, glycolic and fruit acids and probiotic technology. It claims to hide a multitude of sins (That is a big yes in my book). It smells super fruity and applies really easily. There is a slight cooling and tingling sensation while the mask dries, which feels really refreshing. My face is left feeling toned, moisturised and sparkling. I really like this mask, it is a pleasure to use and easy to take off. I am looking forward to being able to try more Rodial skincare.

Josie Maran – Argan Oil

I do love a multi-use product, but damn, this is fixes everything. I like spreading it through my hair to seal split ends and for a boost of moisture. Argan Oil is also great on the dry skin around my fingers, to seems to heal it up quick smart. I also add a few drops to brow pomades and eyeshadow cremes when they become a bit dry, and it makes them as good as new. But my favourite use is with make up. I add a few drops to my Beauty Blender while applying foundation and it spreads and blends perfectly. It adds a nice glow and I feel like it prolongs the longevity of my foundation. Most natural oils can be used the same way. Give it a go and see how you like it.

Maybelline – Eye Studio Colour Tattoo Leather Longwear Eyeshadow (Creamy Beige)

This little guy was an unplanned purchase. Although I do love the regular Colour Tattoo Eyeshadows, they’re not something that I reach for all the time.  I was doing my groceries in Woolworth’s a few weeks ago and found the Maybelline range on sale. So for $5 I thought why not?! I am so glad it picked it up. The leather range is a matte formula but with a bit of a sheen. The longevity of the Colour Tattoo cremes are crazy. They don’t crease on me like most eyeshadows and are great for an all over lid colour. They also make an excellent eyeshadow base, which is how I predominantly use mine. I haven’t seen many other colours in this range, but would definitely be interested in a cream and dark brown.


White Glo – Diamond Series Advanced Teeth Whitening System

For as long as I can remember I have hated my teeth. It is that one thing about me that I would change if I had the opportunity. But within the last year or so, I have really started to embrace them. Plus gaps are apparently ‘in’. So I have been trialling different whitening products to make them look the best that they can. I have been using this system for the last week and I have already noticed a difference. The system is easy to use and comes with whitening tooth paste as well. I have even had a few comments on how white my teeth are looking . I am excited to see the results after using this system a little more.


Lush – Colour Supplement (Dark Yellow)

I have had this little pot of magic for a while, but it always gets lost amongst my other foundations. But since my skin has been looking so great, I have been using lighter bases and this guy has been a winner. Made with beautiful natural ingredients like rice bran and soya oils. Not only does it work, but it is actually good for your skin. The Colour Supplement can be mixed with moisturiser, used on its own as a base or as a concealer. Even though the pot is particularly small, you only need a small amount to cover your whole face. The only thing I would suggest is using a powder of the top to set. If it is left unset, the foundation can be a little sticky.


Have you used any of these products? What were your March favourites.

Until next time..

Love and Lipstick,

Camille x

*Although some of these products were kindly sent for reviewing purposes, all opinions are honest and strictly mine.