April Favourites


April Favourites? That means I have been formally blogging for a month! I am so glad I finally dived in to the world of blogging. My creative juices are flowing and I feel so much more inspired. Life is so hectic, but I have really been loving it. Thank you to all my followers so far and to each and everyone who has taken the time to read my posts. I really really appreciate it. Anyway enough reflection, here are a few bits and bobs that I have been loving this month.


Swisse – Manuka Honey Detoxifying Facial Mask (AU$ 14.99 – $19.99)

I love face masks – Any excuse to take 20 minutes to myself and relax and give my skin a little treat. At any one time I probably have 5 masks on the go and always alternate between them all. But, this little beauty has changed that. I cannot put this down and have been in an exclusive relationship with this masks for almost 4 weeks. I have just about finished the whole pot.  Full of amazing ingredients like soothing aloe vera, antibacterial manuka honey, purifying charcoal and kaolin clay, this mask feels so lovely on the skin. It is super easy to use and you can actually see the mask drawing out impurities as it dries. My skin feels soft, fresh and clean. The formula is smooth and lovely to apply, it even has a faint cherry scent. The Manuka Honey mask has been my introduction to the Swisse Skincare range, and going by the quality and results it won’t be long until I get my grubby mitts on some more.


Maybelline – ColourBlur Lip Pencil (AU$ 17.95)

Maybelline ColourBlur is a matte lip pencil that was designed to create the ombre look with ease. The pencil is so soft and glides on the lip, I don’t even feel like I am wearing anything. The colours are bright and pigmented and can be built up of for more depth. They are long-lasting and non-drying. At this stage I only have two colours but I will be keeping my eye out for some more.


Weleda – Skin Food (AU$ 14.95)
How have I not heard of or used this product before? I must have been living under a rock.  Not only has it been around for 90 years, but it is a cult product. Skin Food is absolutely amazing. It is 100% natural and includes beautiful botanaicals and nourishing oils. It is free from parabens, artificial preservatives, colours and fragrances. Skin Food is cruelty free and suitable for vegetarians. Skin Food is suitable for any dry skin – hands, feet, knees and elbows. But many people have found other uses for it. I have read about people using it as a super hydrating face mask, as a natural highlighter and a lip balm among other things. So far I have only used Skin Food on my dry flaky bits and it has won me over on that use alone. I am a chronic sufferer of dry, split skin and cuticles around my finger nails. It has been like this for as long as I remember and nothing has really made a difference. These little splits are painful and get much worse in the cooler months. They crack and bleed in cool windy weather and are the bane of my existence. However, Skin Food has so far really made a difference.  The spilts heal up far quicker than before, they are less painful and I actually think the amount of sores has decreased.  The cream itself smells incredible – A bit of an aromatherapy experience. It is thick, but surprisingly absorbs instantly. Skin is left hydrated, soft and smooth. I have already gone through a whole 30ml tube and have just repurchased another one. I have the feeling that this little guy will be with me for a long long time.


Loreal – Lumi Magique (AU$ 34.95 )

I am a bit behind on this product. I have heard bloggers rave about Loreal Lumi Magique for such a long time, but this product never interested me.  I used to be all about foundation with a matte finish. I would imagine using a dewy finish would leave me looking like an absolute greaseball by the end of the day.  But my tastes have changed, I think a soft dewy finish is really complimentary and looks so beautiful and natural. I needed a new darker foundation after getting into fake tanning, so I thought I would surrender to the hype and give this bad boy a go. I am so impressed by it. It is really long-lasting, great coverage and leaves such a lovely finish. I generally use it with a mattifying primer so that there is some oil control. On particularly warm days I do need a little powder touch up after 5-6 hours, but other than that I adore it. It has definitely been my go to since purchasing it.



Coty – Airspun

This is another hugely hyped product. I had been using Ben Nye powers for baking but they just weren’t cutting it. After reading many reviews I thought I would give in and see what it could do for me. Many bloggers mentioned the scent of the product being overwhelming and a little ‘old ladyish’, but I actually quite like it. It is soft, subtle and floral and disappears once the powder is brushed off. The powder itself is so finely milled and has a slight peach tone to it, however I don’t find that this shows up on the skin.  It sits on the skin perfectly and is easily brushed away after baking. My skin is left looking almost air-brushed, soft and smooth. My pores are disguised as well, and that makes me so excited. I do using a setting/finishing spray to remove any excess powder and my make up lasts all day looking freshly applied. The only downside is the packaging. The lid easily slides off – a little too easily. I removed the powder puff and now the powder is just everywhere. I have to be extremely careful opening it to prevent a cloud of powder ending up of the floor. If you know about any hacks stopping this, I would love it know what it is. I have been using Airspun daily for a month now and I have not even made a dint in the product, for only $16 from Crush Cosmetics (cheaper on Ebay), you cannot go wrong.

IMG_3650 (2)


Gala Daling – Radical Self Love  (AU$ 12- $20)

I hate the term ‘self help book’ I prefer to think of these books as a platform to prompt yourself to reflect and grow. I think of myself as a really spiritual person and I try to live my life as instinctively and intuitively as I can. I love the simple pleasures in life, although cosmetics and the beauty industry may contradict that, it is something that brings me a lot of joy. This book just speaks to me. It is simple, practical and not over the top. It is easy to follow with life-affirming lessons. I have had a tough couple of years by completely internalizing my thoughts and feelings because I was afraid to say them out loud and see the reactions of the people around me. It is books like this that have taught me to be more self-aware, and how to live a more fulfilling life.  It may sound like a whole lot of new-age nonsense, but it is genuinely and whole-heartedly something that I believe in.

Have you ever dreamed of a life full of laughter, love and sequins…but felt totally clueless about how to make it happen? You’re not alone. Bestselling author and speaker Gala Darling spent years in soul-sucking jobs, battling with depression and an eating disorder. Her life was filled with chaos and disaster – simply because she didn’t know how to create the life she dreamed of. In Radical Self-Love, Gala recounts how she turned her life around from self-destruction to self-love, and shows how you can do the same.


I definitely got a bit more personal than I had planned to in this blog 😐 I hope I didn’t bore you too much. Did you have any similar favourites this months?


Until next time,

Camille x

*Although some products were kindly provided to me for consideration, all opinions are 100% honest. I only include items that I feel are worthy of a mention.


New and Noteworthy

Being a beauty blogger and obsessive quite a lot of new products grace my desk from week to week.  I thought I would share with you a couple of new and noteworthy products currently at On A Beauty Bender HQ.

IMG_3565 (2)

I was generously gifted a stunning package from Sisley Paris containing an Express Flower Gel Mask and 3 Phyto-Eye Twists. I haven’t had much experience with this particular brand, so I am looking forward to giving these products a try. The packaging is classy and elegant, and immediately caught my eye. The Express Flower masks boasts a high concentration of hydrating ingredients such as lily, iris and sesame extracts. It also claims to fight any traces of fatigue and stress in three minutes and leaves the skin brighter, glowing and radiant. I am really looking forward to using this beautiful product in my next pamper session. Stay tuned for a review.  The Phyto-Eye twists are long-lasting,  water-proof eye-shadow pencils full of active botanicals. The pencils are beautifully packaged with zebra print gracing the tubes. The pencil itself is mechanical and is a  great size making it easy to grip and use. The formula is smooth and velvety and glides on with ease. They blend amazingly and seriously last forever. I first swatched them on my hand and carried on with my daily chores – washing up, vacuuming etc and I noticed the swatches were still intact on my hand while I was cooking dinner several hours later.  I have worn these a couple of times and really love them. They are perfect for a swipe of colour for an easy make up look. Sisley Paris are sold exclusively in David Jones stores.

FullSizeRender (2)
Flawless foundation application with the Lottie London foundation brush.

Lottie London is a beauty accessories brand that has recently been released in Australia and will be sold exclusively at Target. I adore the beautiful bright colours and they stand out in my current brush collection. The brushes themselves are really soft and pick up product easily. They are dense and fluffy and enable a perfect application of eyesahdows and foundation. Lottie London is vegan and cruelty free and really great value for money. If you are after an affordable and effective brush Lottie London is a great place to start.

IMG_3569 (2)

I was lucky enough to pick up The Estee Lauder new Flawless Start primer from the Beauty Heaven Beautorium. I am so so so glad that I used my points to purchase this – It is amazing. It applies so smoothly, instantly covers pores and creates the perfect canvas for makeup. My foundation glides on and lasts all day without any shine, my skin is brightened and hydrated. This little guy is a winner.

IMG_3567 (2)

I picked up Mario Badescu drying cream from Mecca recently as I have notices an increase of blackheads on my nose (Yuck!) and nasty hormonal breakouts.  I have read really impressive reviews on this treatment cream and thought I would give it a go. Stay tuned for a review in a couple of weeks time.

IMG_3412 (2)

Touch in Sol is a brand that I have really been enjoying lately. It has sparked my interest in Korean cosmetics. I own quite a few of their primers and so far love them all. The No Poreblem primer is so lovely. It feels so soft on the skin and really disguises pores and evens out skin tone. I have only used this bad boy once or twice but I already know it is going to be a frequently used product. I have also tried the Dark Out primers. These primers are coloured and are used for specific skin complaints. Purple covers dark spots, Green covers redness and the Peach disguises gray skin tones. These little tubes are really beautiful primers and are right on trend at the moment. Colour correcting is a great way of creating a flawless base. Stay tuned for a brand spotlight on Touch In Sol shortly.
Have you come across any new exciting products?


Camille x

*Although some of these products were kindly gifted to me for consideration all opinions are 100% honest. I only include products that I believe are worthy of a mention.

Australian and New Zealand Brands (ANZAC day)

Happy ANZAC day to my fellow Aussies and Kiwis 🙂
For those who don’t know, on April 25th Australia and New Zealand commemorate the anniversary of the ANZAC(Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) entry into World War 1. We remember the brave soliders that fought in Galilpoli and recognise all the men and women who have served for both of our wonderful countires. To me it is a day of reflection, gratitude and in the true Aussie way, a couple of drinks.

“They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old;
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them. “

Lest We Forget 

As you may know I am am passionate about using local brands, so I thought this might be a good oppurtunity to showcase a couple of my favourite brands.


Face Of Australia – Available from Priceline and Big W

Face Of Australia is a innovative, affordable brand that is known for its quality and comprehensive range. I have used many of their products over the years and there are a few that really stand out. I love the Glamazon contour kit, the contour colour is cool toned but not gray. It applies nicely and blends out well. The highlight is soft and great for an understated look. The packaging is cute and great for travelling. At first it was released as a limited edition, but it is now apart of their regular line. I also really enjoy FOA’s loose translucent powder, it is a great afforadable option for ‘baking‘ and to set your base. Primers are also really good value for money, I really like both the Face Base and High Definition primers. Many bloggers have even stated that the Face Base is a dupe for Napoleon Perdis Auto-Pilot, contating exactly the same ingredients but for a fraction of the price. I’ll let you be the judge.


Antipodes – Available from Priceline

Antipodes is a beautiful organic brand inspired by the natural beauty of New Zealand. Sustainable ingredients, local production, avoiding synthetic preservaties and recyclable packaging make up the Antipodes ethos. Their packaging is just stunning and reflects the brands philosphy. I love so many of the products but I especially love Aura and Apostle. Apostle is a fruity skin-brightening serum, full of antioxidants targeting pigmentation and uneven skin tone. It smells delicious and is an absolute pleasure to use. Aura is one of my all-time favourites. It is a deeply hydrating facial mask full of  remedial manuka honey. Know for its antibacterial propeties, manuka honey is great for soothing blemishes while drawing moisture to the skin’s surface. Full of natural vanilla and mandarin fragrances, it smells absolutely divine and will forever remain in my skincare routine.


Chi Chi Cosmetics -Available from Target and Myer

Chi Chi explain that they are inspired by the vast range of rich colours featured across Australia – Think Uluru, The Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Harbour and our sprawling deserts. Their exstensive range is refreshing, innovative with high-quality products at afforadble prices. Chi Chi Cosmetics are also vegan and cruelty free. I have quite a collection of Chi Chi Cosmetics but I’ll highlight a few favourites. Eyeshadows are something that Chi Chi do really well, their palettes are buttery and pigmented, with a HUGE range of colours that would suit everyone’s tastes.  I have about 5 palettes that I have condensed into a Z-palette for easy storage. Each palette has 12 shades and retails for $22.95 – Crazy value for money! Chi Chi foundations, BB creams, and CC creams are also winners. They contain beautiful ingredients and do exactly what they say they do. The BB and CC creams are light and easily worn but have a great amount of coverage. The Fabulous and Flawless foundation has incredible coverage and an even better finish. It is long lasting and doesn’t transfer. The shade range is also pretty exstensive and each shade is detailed on the box, right down to the coloured undertones. Chi Chi Cosmetics recently released brow range is unbelievable quality. I have reviewd their brow fibre gel here.


Designer Brands – Available from Blooms the Chemist

Designer Brands has really stepped into the spotlight in the last 18 months. They somewhat re-branded and released a whole line of new products, that are simple and practical. Featuring a large range of vegan and cruelty free cosmetics at afforable prices.  Their foundations have gotten rave reivews, and are worthy of the hype. Catering to different wants and needs, DB cosmetics have a foundation that suits everybody – My personal fav is the 24-hour foundation. The coverage is high, but not cakey and super long lasting. I also really love their liquid illuminator in bronze. It’s a beautiful warm shimmer that is great for highlighting and perfect to layer under powder highlighters. Designer Brands has also recently released a brush range that looks great and has had exceptional reviews, I will be looking to pick these up soon.


Go To Skincare – Only available online.

Created by Australia’s sweetheart Zoe Foster-Blake, Go-To Skincare boasts natural, simplistic and cruelty free cosmetics. “The ingredients are pure but powerful; harnessing the benefits of nature to genuinely protect, nourish and strengthen the skin, ensuring it is healthy, happy and glowing.” The packaging is fresh and right on trend, matching the beautifully uncomplicated products. Exfoliating Swipeys are Go-To’s answer to the AHA chemical exfoliating craze. These little pads of magic instantly removes dead skin cells, refines the skin’s texture and minimises pores and lines; creating the perfect canvas for your serums and moisturisers. Go-To also kill it with their lip balm, Lips!. As a sufferer of chronically dry, cracked lips, this little peach tube of deliciousness sorts them out in no time. It soothes and moisturises while leaving behind a beautiful pomegranate scent.


Thin Lizzy – Available in Priceline and selected chemists

Thin Lizzy is a brand that was founded in New Zealand and has become pretty well known for their mineral makeup and 6 in 1 powder. I was first introduced to Thin Lizzy through daytime TV and I honestly thought it was a bit gimicky. A powder that has 6 uses? Surely it can’t be that much of a miracle product. However, my mum purchased it quite a few years ago now and I had a little play. I grew to really like it and used it a fair bit as a bronzer. Fast-forward to last year and I was kindly gifted a Thin Lizzy set and it became a well used product in my collection. I also really like the All-Day Flexi Mascara. It is a tube mascara that is perfect for daily use. It lengthens and seperates without any clumps and is so easy to remove. Thanks to the tube innovation, you can say goodbye to panda eyes. I also couldn’t write a post about Thin Lizzy without mentioning their concealer. The creme concealer is really full coverage, it’s water resistant and covers practically everything. It doesn’t budge or smudge and it actually feels quite light on the skin.



Happy Skincare – Available online and selected stores

Happy Skincare is a wonderful family owned Australian company, dedicated to creating natural and effective products. I first discovered Happy Skincare’s Cloud 9 cleansing balm in a Bellabox and instantly fell in love. Cloud 9 is a beautiful citus scented balm that removes all traces of make-up, cleanses and hydrates the skin. This little guy started my love affair with cleansing balms. I also really love their Tickled Pink Toner and Laugh Out Loud jojoba oil. Happy Skincare have a huge range of vegan and cruelty free products, they also offer a sample-pack to allow you to test out these beautiful cosmetics.


Eye Of Horus – Available online and selected stores

Eye Of Horus is a stunning egytian inspired cosmetics brand from Byron Bay. Boasting beautiful jewel and metallic tones, Eye Of Horus inspires to ‘awaken the goddess within’. This brand is also natural, vegan and cruelty free. My favourite products are definitely the Copper Sphinx liquid eyeliner – which is this crazy pigmented metaillic eyeliner that makes blue eyes pop, The Goddess Mascara – which is a perfect everyday mascara and the Isis Sun Goddess Shadow Palette – This palette has three super metallic and pigmeted warm toned shadows. This is definitely a glamorous brand that I hope to explore a little more.


Australis – Available at Priceline and Big W

Australis is another afforable brand that has really stepped up their game. Constantly releasing new and innovative products, keeping up with and compareable to  the best international beauty brands. Velourlips are beautifully coloured and really long-lasting matte liquid lipsticks. Although they can be a little drying, the pigmentation and transfer-proof formula makes up for it. The Fresh and Flawless pressed powder is hyped by so many youtubers and bloggers. It is a simple powder, with a touch of coverage which is perfect for setting and touching up foundation. I have been buying this bad boy for years! Australis’ powder and contouring kits are also great quality and value for money.  I especially love the banana powder and love that it is now available seperately.


Shanghai Suzy – Available online and in selected stores

Shanghai Suzy are stunning seasonal lippies that are creamy, pigmented and scented like lollies. The just released Autumn/Winter ’16 collection is full of beautiful muted pinks and lilacs, nudes and a couple of dark vampy shades. I want every single one of them.  These lipsticks wear really well and feel very comfotable on the lips. They are winners.


Innoxa – Available in Priceline

Innoxa is a great Australian brand that has been around since 1920! Crazy, right? Innoxa is known for its classic simplistic range. Catering for all skin types and ages, Innoz has a great range of primers, foundations, skincare and coloured cosmetics. So far I have only tried the Renew Age Erase Serum Foundation, which I love. But I really want to try the BB cream and Pollution Protect Foundation. The Serum foundation is so complimentry, creating a soft-focus flawless finish. It’s long lasting, non-oxidising and transfer proof. The other stand-out of the the range has to be the Cover and Correct palette. They have absolutely hit the nail on the head with this one. The formula is so so so creamy and blends really well. My only con is that  the concealer colours are a touch too dark, but other than that it is definitely something that belongs in your collection.


MooGoo Skincare – Available online and in selected chemists

I have a whole blog post dedicated to MooGoo here.


What are your favourite Australian and New Zealand brands?


Camille x

*Although some of these products were kindly sent for consideration all opinions are 100% honest.


Top 5 Palettes


Hello beautiful people,
Who doesn’t love an eyeshadow palette? I probably like them a little too much – on last count I have 29, with another one on the way (Too Faced Sweet Peach, eeek!).  Hope my mum isn’t reading this :|. Granted, I have been collecting them for many years.  Anyway, as much as I don’t like to play favourites with my children there are certainly some palettes I use more than others. I’ve narrowed my favourites down to 5, and trust me, that was a challenge in itself.

Proceed with caution – I will say buttery, blend, pigmented and colours a lot – Don’t say I didn’t warn you, haha.


Lorac – Pro Palette (AU$ 79)

I wish I could include all my Lorac eyeshadow palettes in this list as the quality is second to none. But that wouldn’t be fair, would it? So, I have chosen the most versatile of my collection. I have had the Original Lorac Pro or over two years, it was my first big high-end beauty buy.  I am still as in love with it today as I was when I first used it. As a relative newbie to make-up back then, the idea of 8 matte shades with 8 matching shimmers made it easy for me to know which colours were best to use together. As my confidence and skills improved this palette remained a staple item in my collection. The colours are so beautiful and rich. The set out of the pans is probably my favourite overall – It is just so aesthetically pleasing. The colours blend like a dream and are just to velvety soft. This guy is a great palette to take travelling as it covers all bases, lasts forever and is so easy to use.

IMG_6984 IMG_3015

Zoeva – Cocoa Blend (AU$ 38)

Holy shitballs, this palette is just incredible. Considering the price* I was expecting the colours to be a little chalky, with not a whole lot of colour pay-off, but man was I wrong. First of all this palette looks like an expensive box of chocolates, it always feels a little bit special when I use it. It’s slim, sleek and sturdy with very generous pan sizes. There is a great mix of colours, both shimmer and matte, ranging from creams and golds, warm neutrals to dark vampy shades. The colours are buttery and pigmented, they are easy to blend and really long wearing. Cocoa Blend is generally the palette I take travelling, with such a mix of colours the combinations are limitless; It is as easy to create a dark smokey eye as it is to create something really natural.  Dare I say it, this little guy could very well be my number 1.

  *It is worth noting that I purchased this palette from the now defunct Luxola for around $20


Lime Crime – Venus Palette (US$ 32)

When I first saw the release of Venus, I didn’t think it was that exciting. A couple of reds, browns and pinks, what a strange combination of colours. However, after becoming more comfortable with make-up and learning what colours worked for me, this was a palette that I could really see myself using. I purchased this beautiful palette from Urban Outfitters about 18 months or so ago and I am so glad I did. What I first thought were a couple of miss-matched boring shades turned out to be really diverse colours. Deep and rich earthy colours that really suit my blue eyes, two multi-dimensional highlight colours, a perfect transitional beige and a dark brown to add depth.  The colours are soft and smooth and so very pigmented. They way they blend into each other still surprises me with every use. The packaging is adorable and full of character. This unusual mix of colours and aesthetics works perfectly, winning itself a place in my top 5 favourite palettes.

IMG_3025 IMG_2026

Kat Von D – Shade and Light Eye Contour Palette (AU$ 64)

I have only had this palette for a month or so, but it was love at first sight. I find that most all-matte palettes can be a little boring and lack-lustre, but this bad boy is breaking all the rules. I have never come across such pigmented, buttey colours that apply and blend so well. The packaging is sleek and sturdy and the pan size is huge. The colour selection is great, with quads of cool, neutral and warm tones. I find myself constantly picking up Shade and Light and using the shades as transition colours whilst using other palettes. It is an absolute make-up collection staple. You can find more thoughts on this palette here.

IMG_2324 IMG_3019

Morphe – 35O Palette (AU$ 45)

Last but certainly not least is the mother of all warm toned palettes – the 35O, cue angelic singing. This huge palette contains 35 high-quality and high-pigmented shades. It does look a little daunting at first glance, all those bright orange shades can seem a bit gawdy – but trust me they aren’t in the slightest. The mattes are soft with a decent amount of colour pay off, but what sets this palette apart are those shimmers. Oh my goodness, they are insane. They are so buttery and so so so pigmented and don’t lose any of there glorious-ness when applied to the lid. I haven’t even used fix+ with these because I’m afraid it would be just too overwhelming, haha. Every single colour in this palette can be used with ease. There is not one colour that doesn’t get a work out. The palette is so versatile, such high-quality and is crazy value for money (if you can find it in stock). If you get the opportunity to add Morphe 35O to your collection, just do it…. that is if you are obsessed with warm tones, like me.


I wonder if my Too Faced Sweet Peach palette will knock any of these out of my top 5. I’ll have to wait and see. Do you agree with my picks? What would be in your top 5?


Until next time –

Love and Lipstick,

Camille x

* All products in this post were purchased with my own money.