My top 5 HOLY GRAIL products 2018


Although I have quite a large collection of products, there are ones that I reach for over and over again. Tried and tested, the following 5 products are items that I can’t live without (big call, I know)…


*Drum roll*

  1. Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peels

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it until I am blue in the face, the Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Daily Universal Peels have completely changed my skin. I have been absolutely obsessed with these little miracle pads for about 18 months. The patented two-step formula is unlike anything else on the market and it delivers the most effective skin care treatment I have ever used. After using these, my skin is refined, brighter and fresher while my pores look diminished and fine lines reduced. I cannot sing the praises of the Alpha Beta peels enough. I would gladly give up all other skincare products to be able to use these forever… well, these and a touch of moisturiser 😉


2. Fudge Clean Blonde Purple Toning Shampoo

I couldn’t tell you how much tubes of Clean Blonde I have gone through over the years. This shampoo tones my hair like nothing else. Not only that, but it doesn’t dry out my fine hair, nor does it make it dull or frizzy.  I am pretty easy-going when it comes to hair, but one thing I cannot stand is brassy tones, this little mother sorts them out quick smart. My shower is never without this indigo beauty.

3. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light

I call this my facial in a compact. This beautiful powder gives my skin the most stunning natural glow. My skin looks fresh, bright, radiant and just glowing with health. I don’t know how Hourglass do it, but there is some kind of sorcery in this powder. I use a light dusting all over my face as the last step in my makeup routine and the result is an ethereal radiance that needs to be seen to be believed.


4. Becca Under Eye Corrector

I have been raving about this corrector for years now. This glorious little pot rids my undereye area of discolouration, it brightens and refreshes without caking or creasing. I use this every time I apply makeup, and even often when I don’t. You can read more about it here, along with the rest of the Becca Bright Eyes range.


5. Beauty Blender

There are many imitations, but no one has quite replicated the magic that is the Beauty Blender. I refuse to apply my foundation with anything other than my trusty sponge. I find my base looks more seamless, foundation looks natural and there isn’t any threat of cakeface. The Beauty Blender blends out cream products effortlessly and is the perfect tool for baking. I never travel without one and always have plenty of backups on hand. Nothing, I mean nothing, compares to the Beauty Blender.


I would love to hear what your top 5 Holy Grail Products are.


Camille x



Mecca Must Haves

Over the last few months there have been some incredible new releases at Mecca. While I’d love to walk you through every one of my favourite products, I don’t want to be writing a novel.  So,  I thought I’d highlight a few of my current must haves and holy grail products.

Hello beautiful people,

Over the last few months there have been some incredible new releases at Mecca. While I’d love to walk you through every one of my favourite products, I don’t want to be writing a novel.  So,  I thought I’d highlight a few of my current must haves and holy grail products.


Oh, where to begin? I love Nars, I  really do.  The fabulous PowerMattes* are only new to my collection, but man, they have made an impression. The formula is light, and slightly watery, but packs a pigmented punch. They apply easily – especially thanks to the pointed applicator. They seriously last all day without too much flaking at all. While they are on the pricey side of things, keep in mind there is no need to top ups during the day, so the tube is going to last you about 3 times as long as a regular lipstick.


Still on Nars, this wouldn’t be a ‘must-haves’ post without the mention of the Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer*. I have spoken many times about this pot of magic, and you can find a detailed blog post here. I have been using this concealer almost daily to cover up the effects of sleep deprivation thanks to pregnancy hormones. They are just perfect for daily wear. They are light, blendable, long-wearing with minimal creasing and have no need for a setting powder.  They really are the most perfect, all in one concealer.


Bare Minerals 

To be quite honest, Bare Minerals really wasn’t ever on my radar. There was nothing that really jumped out to me. That was until they released their incredible Gen-Nude collection. Their lip products are such high-quality and measure up against the make-up big wigs. Both the liquid lipstick* and gloss formulas are exceptional, I cannot fault either of them. The more products I use from the brand, the more I fall in love. Don’t be foolish like me and discount them, because there are some absolute gems in the range.



Hourglass is another one of those brands that I cannot get enough of. Their products are of the highest quality and honestly feel like they contain some sort of magic. All of their powders add the most beautiful glow to the skin and somehow make you look fresh, healthy and airbrushed. Now those are big claims coming out of my mouth, but I wholeheartedly believe it. Their blushes are stunning, they blend like no other. The flush on the cheeks look so natural and glowy.


The Ambient Lighting Powders are by far my favourite. Basically, I can’t leave the house without a dusting of Dim Light. With my oily skin, I have always been hesitant to dabble in illuminating powders – there is nothing good about looking like a greasy disco ball. But Dim Light is like a facial in a compact. It smoothes, hides imperfections and adds the most healthy looking glow to the complexion – like i said, it is some sort of sorcery.

Mecca Max

Unless you have been living under a rock, you would have heard about the really exciting release of Mecca’s own line MECCA MAX. I have had the chance to trial most of the range, and have definitely discovered some must-have products. Firstly I have to mention the incredible Power Couple Mascara*. From first swipe on the lashes, I fell in love. This mascara lengthens and defines, leaving my eyelashes super fluttery. There is no flaking or smudging in sight. That alone sold me, but this mascara has a nifty little featutre – the dual wand. The smaller brush allows you to really get into the roots to create volume, and accentuate bottom and corner lashes. My new holy grail mascara.


Mecca MAX have really hit the mark with their lip products. From the gorgeous Pout Pop * lipsticks that are dreamily creamy, to the non-sticky but pigmented Boss Gloss* and the hydrating City Slickers Tinted Oil* , this range cannot be faulted. I have found myself reaching for Mecca Max lip products on the daily, over my usual go-to products. The range is affordable, full of gorgeous colours and just screaming to be a part of your collection.

Dr Dennis Gross 


I rave almost on a weekly basis about my love for all things  Dr DG. I will tell anyone who will listen how incredible the Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peels* are. Seriously, everyone needs these in their lives. Nothing, and I mean nothing, has improved my skin like these have. The targeted formula of both AHA’s and BHA’s work together to treat almost all skincare concerns. They chemically exfoliate by removing dead skin cells, polishing the skin, treating ageing concerns to reveal smooth, bright and even skin. An absolute must have. You can read more about these clever little pads here and here.


Where would a must haves list be without good old trusty Frank. I have loved body scrubs for so damn long. The sensation of buffing and polishing skin just feels a little too good.  Since becoming pregnant, I have loved scrubs even more. I need to ensure my skin is polished and hydrated to prevent stretch marks, so Frank has been joining me in the shower more often than not. Even my partner Kane is quite partial to Frank – Who would have thought?!  Plus that gorgeous coffee scent really kick starts my morning, especially while my caffeine intake is limited. Damn you, growing baby.


Too Faced 

Too Faced have some damn good products. But there is one gem that I have re-purchased, over and over again. The Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer is the most beautiful everday bronzer in my collection. Not only does it smell like a chocolate dream, but it is the most perfect contour colour that blends effortlessly. It can be worn quite sheer or built up for an intense Instagram-worthy contour. I always reach for this over my other matte bronzers.




I recently raved about the Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Treatment* over on the ‘gram. It has been my lip saviour for tail-end of winter. This unique product is not only a suuuuuper hydrating creamy balm but it also works as a natural exfoliate to get rid of those pesky little dry flakes. It adds a glossy sheen to the lips and smells exactly like icy-poles. So really it covers all bases.


Urban Decay

I would put money on the fact that almost every beauty-enthusiast has had a bottle of Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray in their collections at some point. It is a cult product and for all the right reasons. It truly sets that cake in place for hours on end. It settles down any excess powders, doesn’t add shine, nor does it matte out that beaming glow. If you are after a good quality and effective setting spray, this little bottle is your best bet.

WinkyLux *


This quirky little brand is just too cute for words. They are known for their kitschy packaging, especially the medication shaped lipsticks.  I personally think their lipsticks are just gorgeous, and are great to throw in the handbag for touch ups throughout the day. I also adore their balms.* Not only do they smell delicious, but they add a kiss of sheen and colour to the lips, while adding a boost of hydration. Plus what other lip balm has a gorgeous dried flower encased in the actual product?

What are your Mecca must-haves? Have you added any more to your wishlist?


Speak soon,

Camille x

*DISCLAIMER – Although these products were sent for my consideration, all views and opinions are 100% honest and my own. No sponsorship or money has been provided for my review. All discount codes are not affiliated, unless specifically stated. All opinions are based purely from my own experiences. I try my hardest to provide my readers with accurate information, but I am not by any means a professional, nor am I an expert. Please do not confuse my opinions with professional advice.


The Perfect Palette Tag


Anyone who knows me, know that I am a complete sucker for eyeshadow palettes. I stumbled across this tag over at The Beauty Collection and thought it would be fun to do (Although I have changed a few titles in the tag). So strap yourselves in and prepare for me to say things like shades, buttery, soft and pigment over and over again – Sorry, not sorry.

Let’s go…


Best Packaging

This is such a tough one. I like the packaging of many different palettes, for so many different reasons. It also depends on my mood, sometimes I like classy, sleek and black or there are other times where I like something a little more colourful and kitsch-y. My mood must be the later today because I think I like LimeCrime’s Venus’ packaging the best today. It is so unique and full of fun and colour. Although the packaging itself is cardboard, it is sturdy and has a strong magnetic closure. I adore the artwork on the front and the gold details and I love the contrast of the colour on the inside.


Best Color Payoff

Nubian Palette by Juvia’s Place. These shades, all of them, ar so so so pigmented. They apply just beautifully. They’re so velvety soft but so full of delicious colour. This palette has surprised me in terms of quality and I am so glad I purchased it. – There is a little funny story behind this purchase, that you can read here. I would like to give an honourable mention to Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance in this category as well.


Best for Travellingimg_1675-2

I almost always take Zoeva Cocoa Blend with me when I travel – It is  a really good all-rounder. The packaging is sleek and thin, perfect to slip into an overnight bag. The colour range is vast, so the look options are basically limitless.  There are mattes and shimmers in cool, neutral and warm tones, darker shades for depth,and a couple of pops of unique colours for something different. The quality and colour pay off is great. Such a versatile palette.


Biggest Regret

This might offend some people, but I’m going to do it any. I really regret spending so much money on my Mac Warm Neutrals palette. While the packaging is stunning and shades selection is great, the colour payoff really lets me down. It’s not bad, but it doesn’t blow me away – like I expected MAC eyeshadows to. There are a couple of colours that are amazing – the bronzey copper shimmer is so pretty (second row, second from the right). But, then there are others that are chalky and give me nothing. So, the palette as a whole is quite disappointing, especially when it is the one I paid the most for.


Best Color Names

This one goes to my Too Faced Sweet Peach – I love that the names match the theme and are even a little outside the box. Names like Candied Peach, Cobbler, Bellini and Peach Pit just remind me of lazy summer afternoons and I love this palette for that. The names, mixed with the Peach scent is just perfection.


Least Used

Now, I firstly want to say that this isn’t because of the quality that the Tarte Greatest Glitz Collector Set (2015) is the winner of this category, It is purely because of the packaging and how it fits into my vanity – A little unfair, I know, but that’s just how it is. This set is made up of 4 smaller palettes and is in quite a large box. Granted there is a smaller box inside that fits one of the smaller palettes for travel but I just haven’t used it. The colours are beautiful and true to Tarte form, full of pigment. Each little palette includes one of their famous blushes as well. Because the housing is so large, it sits right at the back of my drawer and gets forgotten about. I am now, going to make a bigger effort to use these cute little palettes.


Most Used

My most used would have to be Shade and Light by Kat Von D, I pretty much use this baby daily. The shades in this palette are super versatile and are perfect base, transition and depth shades. I am not a fan of all shimmer lids, so I love using these colours to make my look a little more matte. The pigment and the quality of this palette is beautiful. Matte’s can be chalky with little to no colour payoff, but that cannot be said for this entirely matte palette. I would recommned everyone have this palette in their collection.


Most Loved

Why you do dis to me, tag?  I honestly cannot pick one. Sorry tag police.  Most loved palette would have to be a three-way tie, soz.  Firstly I adore Violet Voss’ Holy Grail. The shades and quality give me life.  Seriously, just look at it. It is just so stunning, the lay out of colours is absolute perfection. Not only are there deep burgundy and warm toned browns, but there are pinks, oranges and neutrals. Everything a blue-eyed girl needs in a palette. Secondly is the ABH Modern Renaissance palette. The sheen that these shades provide is so gorgeous, I adore how these shadows look on my eyes and the way the blend into each with little to no effort, it is amazing. Lastly, is the Morphe 35O, I couldn’t possible be writing a posts about palettes and leave this guy out. There is no other palette that has so many shades in such a high-quality for the price. Morphe have the best value for money goin’. Again, the pigment in this palette is incredible. Granted, there a few shades that verge on the chalky side, but overall the quality is top-notch.  Just look at these three palettes, how could you not love them.


Best Drugstore

This palette is only a new one to my collection, but I am so impressed with the quality. Natio have recently released a few eye shadow palettes and I got my hands on the Golden* Palette.  The colours are perfect for everyday wear and the formula is gorgeous, super soft, pigmented and buttery. I have been reaching for this quite a bit recently. I am a bit of an eyeshadow snob and don’t generally buy any drugstore palettes, because in all honesty, with the collection I already own, I don’t see the point in buying any. But I am so glad this Natio palette landed in my grubby little mitts.


Best for Beginners

I am going to go with my first ever palette, The original Lorac Pro, because I found that it has treated me so well and taught me a lot about colour matching. The quality of this palette is second to none, so buttery and full of colour. The shades are easy to blend, with not a huge amount of fallout. Plus there are 8 mattes and 8 matching shimmers which makes it super easy to pair colours. The spectrum of the palette is amazing too, there is a shade for everything, both cool and warm toned and few neutrals for thrown in for good measure. This is a palette that is needed in every collection.



I encourage you all to have a go at this tag, I really enjoyed doing it. What answers would you change?


Speak soon,


Camille x


*DISCLAIMER – Although this product was sent for my consideration, all views and opinions are 100% honest. All opinions are based purely from my own experiences. I try my hardest to provide my readers with accurate information, but I am not by any means a professional, nor am I an expert. Please do not confuse my opinions with professional advice.




Ride or Die Tag

Jaclyn Hill has created the Ride or Die tag, and although I’m not a Youtuber I thought I’d be fun to participate.  So here goes… these are my ride or die products.


I did not even have to think about this one! It’s definitely Hourglass Mineral Veil. Yes, it’s expensive but boy, is it worth it. My skin feels and looks amazing after using this and my make up applies so smoothly. My skin looks fresh all day, it has great oil control and instantly blurs my massive pores.

I didn’t have to put much thought into this one either. Estee Lauder’s Double Wear is the foundation I reach for the most. It has amazing coverage and longevity, plus it controls my oil and can be built up or worn lightly When I need to rely on my foundation or if I am in doubt, I always use this bad boy.

I am still on the hunt for my holy grail concealer. I’m yet to find one that works with my skin without caking or creasing. But for this exercise, my current go-to is Maybelline Instant Age Rewind. It applies lovely, cover dark circles really well and when set correctly doesn’t crease on me.

I have been using Australis Fresh and Flawless for years and years now. I remember my sister buying it for me as a teenager, because she was sick of me stealing her makeup. It has a beautiful amount of coverage, controls my oily t-zone and leaves a beautiful soft finish. Although the colour range isn’t great, there is one that suits me (luckily). I love that Australis is Australian owned and cruelty free, plus it is so so so cheap!


This category is very difficult for me. Depending on what look I’m going for, I use different products. I use a loose powder for baking, banana powder when I am more tanned and a lighter pressed powder for brightening. I might cheat a little and say the setting powders in the Chi Chi Highlighting & Contouring kit. This kit contains 3  setting powders and they are stunning! They’re so soft and pigmented and do such a great job at setting and brightening my under eye area. I have been loving these lately and they cover all bases.

I am an absolute blush fiend, so this category is another tough one. But, after much deliberation, I have decided that Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Mood Exposure is #1. It applies and blends effortlessly. The mauve-y colour really suits my skin tone and gives me such a natural looking flush and glow. I can never go over-board on this blush and it can be used through all seasons.

I love bronzers, both matte and simmer but there is definitely one I can’t live without – Too Faced Milk Soleil is life. Not only does this matte bronzer smell incredible, but it is a perfect soft shade, that gives off a beautiful healthy glow. It blends so easily and lasts all day. No other bronzer has come close to measuring up.


I know all the rage at the moment is a poppin’ highlight, but personally I prefer something a little more understated. That, and I can’t really get away with a crazy shimmery look.  I received a sample of Laura Mercier’s Matte Radiance powder a while back and instantly fell in love. It’s a beautiful pale gold illuminator, that delivers a stunning soft sheen. It’s not over-the top but creates such a lovely subtle glow. I use this little guy constantly.

Mascara is another weakness of mine. I am constantly searching for the next best thing. However one mascara that I have purchased over and over again is Maybelline Volum’ Express Lash Sensational. It matches if not beats much higher-end products. The formula is super black and not too watery or thick. Lash Sensational lengthens, separates and adds so much volume. Whenever I use another mascara, I find myself wishing I would have reached for this.

Oh the choices! This is crazy difficult.  After many hours of arguing with myself, I have decided upon Rimmel Lasting Finish By Kate Moss – Nude 45. This shade is so complimentary, it is the perfect pinky nude and the formula is gorgeous. It’s hydrating and comfortable on the lips and last quite a while for a lipstick. I have about three of these lippies all over the place, so I think it is fair to say that it is my Ride or Die.

This choice was surprisingly easy. I have been using LimeCime Velvetines in Faded for so long. The formula is light, comfortable and really long-lasting. The colour is so unique and lovely. It’s a beautiful mauve shade that suits me when I am pale and tanned. It’s not nude and not bold and suits any makeup look.

I am not a big gloss user, I hate the sticky formula and find they never last very long. However, I do love NYX Buttergloss. I would own upwards of 15 but my favourite shade would have to be Angel Food Cake. The formula is soft, hydrating and comfortable. There is none of that sticky, hair getting stuck feeling. The shade range is huge and these are cheap as chips.


Lashes is a really easy category. My favourite would definitely be Ardell Demi Wispies. These lashes are natural but full of volume and so easy to apply. I have gone through so many of these beautiful lash sets and will continue to re-purchase.

Oh my goodness! How could I ever choose? I had a hard enough time trying to narrow down my eyeshadow palettes to my top 5 for this blog post, so picking one is a tough task. But I think i’ll take a leaf out of Jaclyn’s book and go with Morphe 35O. Not only does this palette boast 35 high-quality shades, but the formula is so soft, buttery and super bendable. The colours are easy to work with for any type of look. There are plenty of neutrals, shimmers, warm and dark shades for depth. There is no other palette that has as many colour choices with such great quality.

I adore Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray. This spray noticeably affects the longevity of my makeup. It controls oil and disperses excess powder while making all of my makeup transfer-proof. I have little bottles of this guy all over the place and use it daily.

My all-time favourite perfume is Issey Miyake for Women. This scent is fresh and feminine, full of lily, white florals and aquatic scents. I wear this on special occasions and it always makes me feel good. Plus I always get complimented on this fragrance.



What are your Ride or Die products? I tag everyone reading to complete this fun exercise 🙂




Camille x



*DISCLAIMER – Although some products were sent for my consideration, all views and opinions are 100% honest. All opinions are based purely from my own experiences. I try my hardest to provide my readers with accurate information, but I am not by any means a professional nor am I an expert. Please do not confuse my opinions with professional advice.

Violet Voss – Holy Grail Palette


I fell in love with this palette the second I saw a photo of it, I mean how could you not?! I had never heard of Violet Voss, had no idea about the quality but I knew I had to have it. But like I need anymore warm toned palette , or any more palettes for that manner.  I would spend so long looking at the holygrail palette hashtag on Instagram, drooling over these rich warm tones. I looked at swatches and read reviews which made me want it even more. But true to style, it was sold out.  I continued lusting over it, waiting for a restock and then finally there was a pre-order and I broke my spending ban and secured one.


Seriously, have a look at these colours! They are just stunning. They are so pigmented and buttery soft. The shades blend perfectly into eachother and are really long-lasting.There is 20 shades and they are perfect mixture of matte and crazy shimmery metallic colours. Toffee, On Fleek, Glamping, Crandberry Splash and Wine N Dine give me life. The mattes are lovely and soft – not chalky at all. I can already tell that Bestie, R U Kitten Me and Teddy Bear are going to get a daily workout.The pans are generous and laid out perfectly.


Holy Grail is super comparable to the Morphe 35O palette, but this bad boy contains beautiful red and burgundy tones aswell orange and bronze. HEAVEN for blue eyes! The packaging is sleek, thin and practical. It is black with silver embossing and the closure is magnetic. It also has a huge mirror. I wouldn’t say the names of the shadows are my favourite but I can definitely over look that for the high quality of the palette. Holy Grail is seriously holy grail status… I may just have to update my favourite 5 palettes.


I am officially obsessed.


Until next time,

The warm tone junkie – Camille x