Foundation Face Off //Urban Decay Naked Skin vs. Urban Decay All Nighter

Urban Decay Naked Skin and All-Nighter Foundation – Both foundations retail for $65. They are both housed in a tall bottle with a pump style of delivery. Each contains 30ml of product but offer very different things. But which will come out on top?



With such a massive selection at Mecca, it is often so hard to pick between products. Especially when a favourite brand has two hot fire foundations that both sound like winners.  I’ve done the legwork for you and compared Naked Skin and All-Nighter so you can decide which is best for your cute little mug.



Both foundations retail for $65. They are both housed in a tall bottle with a pump style of delivery. Each contains 30ml of product but offer very different things.

Naked Skin Foundation

Fusing cutting-edge technology with high-performance pigment, this ultra-definition liquid foundation delivers a perfected look and weightless feel to the skin.

Naked skin both feels and looks oh-so-natural on the skin. The coverage is medium, but really easily sheered out or built up. I love how I can even out my skin tone with this foundation, but my freckles and skin can still shine through. The finish is a demi-matte, which gives the skin beautiful glow.  It lasts well, but my mug starts to get a little shiny after a couple of hours, and by the end of the day the foundation does start to break up on my face.

I think this would be a great everyday foundation for most skin types. While the longevity isn’t super incredible for oily gals, it gives my skin such a beautiful finish, that can be blotted/powdered when the shine is getting a bit too much. It doesn’t catch on dry bits and has enough hydration that dry skin babes would enjoy this all over their face too.

Naked Skin (excuse the claw)

All Nighter Foundation

Full coverage flawless in a flash! Waterproof, oil-free, matte and ultra long-wearing, this liquid formulation envelops your complexion in perfection for a completely airbrushed finish.

This shit is legit. When they say full coverage they ain’t lyin’. It completely evens out your skin tone and covers blemishes, discoloration, and freckles. All Nighter lives up to its name by lasting all day, and all damn night.  As you’d expect with such longevity, it controls oil like no other. She’s a doozy! But with that oil control comes a little bit of texture and sinking into fine lines.
The biggest set back with this high-coverage beauty is the level of oxidisation. I’d say it dries down at least a whole shade darker. So keep that in mind when choosing your shade.
If you suffer from oily skin that requires some hardcore coverage, this is going to be your saviour. Personally, I really need to amp up the bronzer and highlight when wearing this, to give my face a little dimension, but other than that I really like it for those long sweaty summer days and steamy nights. But, be sure to steer clear if you have even the slightest bit of dry or flaky skin. This bad boy will grab onto those flakes and not let go. It will highlight even the slightest bit of texture.
Full coverage, but texture and lines are highlighted

The Results


Overall, it is a little difficult for me to see a clear winner. Both are used for very different purposes. All-Nighter cannot be beaten when it comes to long-lasting oil control. On the other hand, Naked Skin is weightless and a little more natural looking. I reach for Naked Skin a little bit more, but only because it is more of a daily wear foundation for me. But All Nighter is my go-to for something like a day at the races, or a wedding.

Sorry guys, it’s a stalemate for me.  But I am sure you can decide which is the right choice for you and your needs.

What are your thoughts?


Camille x


*DISCLAIMER – Although these products were provided for my consideration, all views and opinions are 100% honest and my own. No sponsorship or money has been provided for my review. All discount codes are not affiliated unless specifically stated. All opinions are based purely on my own experiences. I try my hardest to provide my readers with accurate information, but I am not by any means a professional, nor am I an expert. Please do not confuse my opinions with professional advice.


Foundation Face Off – Rimmel Wake Me Up vs. Bourjois Healthy Mix

Hello beauties,

Do you, like me, get a little overwhelmed when looking for a new foundation? With so many different claims, finishes and coverage levels, it is a little bit difficult to know where to start. Today I’m going to compare two VERY similarly marketed foundations to give my my opinion on what I feel is worth your coin.


Both the Rimmel Wake Me Up ($19.95) and Bourjois Healthy Mix ($29.95) promise anti-fatigue, brightening foundations with the benefits of Vitamin C. Both have been recently reformulated and back on the market due to their high popularity.  The only difference apart from the price, seems to be the that Wake Me Up has SPF, while Healthy Glow does not.

I must note that I have a normal to oily skin type, that is prone to congestion and large pores. I like something a little glowy, but nothing that enhances my extreme oil production. Foundations on me do tend to get greasy-looking and wear off around my chin and nose throughout the day; I like my foundations to last a good 8 hours or more. So keep in mind that my opinions will be made in regards to this. I have trialled both formulas for a week each.


Rimmel Wake Me Up

Firstly let’s take a closer look at the Rimmel Wake Me Up. Rimmel promises to erase the signs of tiredness and daily stress by instantly brightening and illuminating while evening out the skin tone and reducing dullness. Resulting in a radiant and healthy looking glow. This formula contains vitamin C, radiance pearls and an SPF of 20.

The packaging is sleek and sturdy, with a glass bottle and plastic orange lid. The product is delivered through a pump, which is my preferred method. The formula itself is probably slighter thicker than normal, but only very slightly. I did notice a little bit of sparkles which concerned me slightly – I wanna be glowy, but there is no way in hell that I want my entire face to look like a disco ball.

Rimmel Wake Me Up

I applied Wake Me Up with a sponge, as I usually do with any foundation. Although the shade was a little too dark for me currently, it did blend out really well and the coverage was quite good. There was no sign of the glittery particles once applied. I’d say it is a medium coverage but noticed it does start to get a little cakey if built up too much. The finish is quite dewy, but I did set with powder to try and mattify slightly to get me through the day.  The rest of my makeup did apply well and was easily blended without anything going too muddy or catching on any specific areas. The finished result is fresh and glowy, but not too heavy.

Each time I have worn this foundation I have noticed it starts to really wear off around the 5 hours mark, regardless of what primer I use.  The redness around my nose starts to shine through, and it does start to look a little cakey in places. The amount of glow is nearing that ‘I’ve just bathed in a pool of oil’ look, which does start to annoy me, as I start to feel a little dirty and gross. However, I am easily able to touch up with a bit of blotting papers and a quick dust of powder. By doing this it brings a bit more life back to my foundation and makes it last for the rest of day without it looking too ratchet. So, overall I think it is a nice everyday foundation, but if you have the pleasure of being a greaseball like me, you’ll need a little extra maintenance.  Dry and normal babes, you might be right on the money with this bad boy.

But how does it compare?


Bourjois Healthy Mix

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation is a foundation that is said to boost radiance while also providing an instant anti-fatigue effect. The formula is enriched with vitamins B5, C and E. Dark circles, puffiness and redness are erased, for a healthy glow that lasts 16 hours.

Similarly to Wake Me Up, Healthy Mix is in a sleek glass bottle, but with a red plastic lid and it is also a pump style delivery.  On comparison with the Rimmel, I noted that Healthy Mix has a fresh fruity type of fragrance, which I found quite pleasant. Although Rosa from Lipstick and Linguine did mention to me that she wasn’t a fan.  The formula is slightly more watery but still easy to blend and manoeuvre.  I initially noticed that this formula does have a little more coverage and is easier to build up. The finish wasn’t as glowy initially, but did give the skin a healthy, fresh look without being too heavy.

Bourjois Healthy Mix

Likewise to  Rimmel, I set the foundation with powder and the rest of my face products applied like a dream. No patchiness or muddiness in sight.  As the days wore on, I did notice a little extra dew, but it wasn’t too offensive.There was no point that I felt like it was too much. I found the wear time to be much longer and only noticed the coverage starting to fade around 8 hours, but it wasn’t anything to extreme.  On one day, I had it on for almost 12 hours and was still really happy with how it wore.


I can only assume, but I feel as if  these foundations would be super dreamy on dry skin, due to their brightening and glowy properties. Even without the addition of SPF, I think Bourjois is the winner for me. Used with a primer with SPF, it covers all my needs and wants. I love that it lasts much longer, and the ease of being able to build up coverage makes it cross the line first for me. However, I think that both formulas are great everyday foundations, if you are after something light and fresh with a decent amount of coverage. I would imagine that Rimmel Wake Me Up would last longer on someone who isn’t as oily me, so ultimately the two foundations are really comparable. If you are after something a little more affordable, Rimmel is your better option. But, if you want something with a little more oil control and longer lasting, Healthy Mix is for you.


Speak soon,


Camille x

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DISCLAIMER – Although these products were sent for my consideration, all views and opinions are 100% honest. All opinions are based purely from my own experiences. I try my hardest to provide my readers with accurate information, but I am not by any means a professional, nor am I an expert. Please do not confuse my opinions with professional advice.