Beauty Essentials for Busy Babes

Busy. You ask anyone how they have been, there’s a good chance they are going to tell you how busy they are. Whether it’s a demanding job, needy children, a time-consuming side hustle, or all of the above, we all could benefit from products that are no-bullshit, practical and effective.


Busy. You ask anyone how they have been, there’s a good chance they are going to tell you how busy they are. Whether it’s a demanding job, needy children, a time-consuming side hustle, or all of the above, we all could benefit from products that are no-bullshit, practical and effective. If something saves me 10 minutes in the morning and gives me the luxury of a hot coffee, or a few extra minutes in bed, you bet your sweet little bum I’m going to use it.

Bobbi Brown 5-in1 Essential Face Palette*

This palette is almost all you need when it comes to make-up on the go. Including a concealer, corrector, foundation, face powder and blush, the 5-in-1 palette is an essential in any busy babes collection. All of the products are up to the Bobbi Brown incredibly high standard. The colour corrector and concealer are perfect for that under-eye discolouration. The foundation, powder and bronzer work so well at evening out skin tone and making me look alive.  This palette is great to pop into your handbag/babybag to have on hand if you’re looking like a hot mess and need to freshen up. I cannot fault it.


Maybelline Tattoo Brow

If you had a gander at my previous blog post, you’d know that I recently had my brows tattooed. This has been my biggest time-saver yet. However, I understand that this isn’t the most budget friendly option. So, I give you the Tattoo Brow. This nifty little brow prod tints your brows for 3 days, so you can go without filling them in for a little while. The tint peels off after 15 minutes and gives you instagram worthy eyebrows without much effort at all.


Now, as much as I am a makeup lover, I know that your makeup only looks as good as the skin underneath. Time and effort spent on getting your skin into tip-top shape not only makes your make up look its best, but also allows you the confidence to go without. Minimal makeup means more time on your hands to get shit done.


Cinch Face Cheat

This. I am all about this bottle of magic. Face Cheat is another 5-in-1 product (Who knew there were so many?) that is all about glowing hydration on the go. The spray delivery makes it a ridiculously easy moisturiser to use. But not only does it hydrate, it illuminates, as well as acting as a primer, pore-filler and anti-ageing treatment. No other moisturiser makes me look as fresh and healthy in one simple spray. I keep this within reach to ensure my skin is getting a little bit of loving and to make me look as fresh as a daisy.


Pre-Soaked Chemical Exfoliator Pads

If you have known me for any amount of time, you would know my undying love for chemical exfoliators.  But, if you are new to my little corner of the inter-webs, just know that AHA’s are my number 1 skincare product, by far. I have been drawn to pre-soaked pads recently, because it makes it all too easy to swipe all over my face one-handed while feeding Bubba Lou, blogging or carrying out all my domestic goddess duties. I have been using and loving the Murad Rapid Resurfacing Peel*, First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads*, and Go-To Skincare Exfoliating Swipeys. Dr Dennis Gross’ Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peels are my ride or die, but because I am breastfeeding it is best to steer clear of BHAs.

These bad boys and a good moisturiser are absolute essentials in my day. Regardless of how tired I am, I make sure I at least follow this two step routine to make my skin look fresh and healthy, even when I am running on 2 hours sleep.


Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon*

Speaking of moisturiser, this special little guy has been getting workout! What is better than a product that works its little butt off for you? It is one that does so while you sleep, while actually helping you drift off at the same time. This is actual sorcery. Sound Sleep is a gel like cream that works with your skin’s natural overnight recovery mode to replenish and repair, enabling you to wake up luminous and fresh without any sign of fatigue in sight. It contains essential oils (Lavender, Sandalwood and Patchouli) to promote a deep and restful sleep. This product is an absolute dream – pun most definitely intended.


Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell Mask*

While on the topic of sleep, it is really clever to utilise this time to make products work for you. This is another overnight mask that will have your skin glowing without needing to put in much effort at all. This particular mask targets  lifeless, sagging skin (the new mum type of skin) and transforms it into younger-looking, silky soft skin. This delicious smelling gel dries down pretty quickly, so you are not dirty-ing up your pillowcase (yay for less washing) and you wake up bright and fresh.


Laneige Sleeping Lip Mask*

This is another little miracle in a tub. I have chronically dry lips, and I mean chronic. It has previously felt like a constant battle trying to make my lips feel plump, smooth and flake free. But this has been my absolute saviour. I no longer need spend half the day applying balm to my lips. This sweet smelling thick and creamy balm is applied before bed and gets to work treating that sweet little pout of yours. It is comfortable on the lips, not sticky but smooth and buttery. When I wake up there is still the slightest little slick of balm there and my lips feel so bloody soft. I have noticed a huge difference in the condition of my lips and feel so confident when wearing liquid lipsticks, knowing that I won’ t have any little dry scraggly bits. An absolute winner and time saver.


When it comes to hair, I have always been a bit lazy.  My hair is pretty oily, so most days I just wash it and let it air dry, only occasionally making the effort to actually style it. But with time being limited, I haven’t been able to wash or style it as often. Recently I have been reaching for products that refresh hair between washes and products that prolong my hairstyling. NAK Aromas Style Therapy* is a fabulous spray that acts similarly to a dry shampoo but with the added benefit of revamping styles while adding a touch of body to flat-looking slept in hair.  OUAI Memory Mist* is another similar product that allows you to get the most out of your blowdried, curled or straightened locks. This however is used before styling to make your style last longer. Both sprays include a heat protectant, so you get more bang for your buck.


I know this was a hella long post, but hopefully there’s a few products mentioned that will save you some valuable time in the long run.

Camille x


*DISCLAIMER – Although these products were provided for my consideration, all views and opinions are 100% honest and my own. No sponsorship or money has been provided for my review. All discount codes are not affiliated, unless specifically stated. All opinions are based purely from my own experiences. I try my hardest to provide my readers with accurate information, but I am not by any means a professional, nor am I an expert. Please do not confuse my opinions with professional advice.


Christmas Gift Guide: Stocking Fillers


copy-of-gifting-guide-stocking-fillersI adore Christmas. I transform into a jolly little elf come December 1st. Come by my place and you will find Elvis’s ‘I’ll Be Home For Christmas‘ blaring, there are fairy lights, tinsel and glitter in every available space. I opt for Christmas themed movies at night, and red and gold themed looks for the day. I am an absolute Christmas sucker.

I especially love buying presents. There is no better feeling in the world than putting a smile on a loved one’s face.

I fly up to Brisbane to catch up with my family each year, and to say I am excited is an understatement. Living away from my Mum, Dad, siblings, and especially my nieces is can be quite difficult during the year, but seeing everyone at Christmas  makes it that little more special. The only challenging aspect is getting the presents up there. I try to opt for smaller gifts that are easily stuffed into my suitcase. Which is why I thought my gifting guide would focus purely on stocking stuffers – Small, usually inexpensive gifts, but I am never one to overlook quality.



Evodia has the most incredible fragrance range. Their scents are fresh, robust but subtle at the same time. This year the Victorian Rose collection really stands out to me.  It is so elegant, soft and feminine, and immediately reminds me of my grandmother’s rose garden. Inexpensive but incredible quality, any of the Evodia a range is a perfect gift for anyone that appreciates smelling delicious, and I mean, who doesn’t?   I will actually be wrapping up the Victorian Rose collection and popping it in my suitcase to give to my Grandmother who just adores anything rose.


Another fragrance range I have to touch on is NEST fragrances. Nest have been recently released in Sephora Australia and I was luck enough to attend their launch event. As a fragrance junkie, believe me when I say that these are perfection! Everything about the brand screams elegance and class. They say love is in the details, well these little babies are overflowing with special little touches. The packaging, artwork and fragrances have been personally curated by Nest creator Laura Slatkin. The bottles look like a piece of art and would add a beautiful touch to any makeup vanity. But the fragrances themselves are insanely beautiful. My picks are Midnight Fleur, an intoxicatingly sexy scent, full of vanilla, orchid and jasmine. I also adore Citrine. Citrine is a bottle of happiness and sunshine. The scent is a combination of lotus, freshia and citrus. Not too sweet, not too citrusy – just perfect.

Skincare and Cosmetics 


Active Skin is a new website to me, but man are they good. Not only to they carry the most luxurious brands around, they also stock affordable options. There is haircare, skincare, cosmeceuticals, cosmetics, fragrances and even candles. Plus they always have a promo going. Shipping is fast and your purchases are accompanied by a little Kit Kat. I love that they have done all the hard work for you, and have a page dedicated to Christmas gifts. My picks would be the Lancome Juicy Shakers Trio Pack, I love these little lip balm/gloss/oil hybrids. They are so so so comfortable on the lips, they add a touch of colour and sheen, all while hydrating those little smoochers to baby’s bottom status. The Becca Blushed with Light palette is also another great pick.It contains 3 universally flattering shades of blush, all in the one handy trio. Candles always make great gifts for Secret Santa’s or someone who is hard to buy for. The Ecoya Mini Maddison Gift set is a great option, with three different scents.


Discovering new and innovative products is my favourite thing about being a beauty lover. Just recently I came across probably my favourite beauty discovery this year. CINCH Face Cheat is amazing. It is a 5-in-1 product that comes in a gorgeously packaged spray. Face Cheat is first and foremost a moisturiser that continues to hydrate for 72(!) hours. It also illuminates, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and pores and primes the skin. I also like using it as a setting spray that makes you glow like nothing else. This would be the perfect addition to anyone’s skincare and makeup collection.

I think that subscription boxes are a fantastic gift idea. They are the perfect option for the beauty lover who has everything. These services are a gift that just keeps giving. While I have had my fair share of bad experiences with beauty boxes, Maslow & Co have absolutely restored my faith. These boxes are full of high-quality, interesting products that aren’t easily found in Australia, allowing the recipient to experience many new items. Maslow & Co have even have on offer one-off boxes and specifically curated holiday boxes.


I love the Wanderer Collection from Ulta3. This gorgeous set is actually ideal for me and I’ll be holding onto this one myself. Featuring Elyse Knowles‘ favourite travel essentials, this pack is perfect for anyone that travels regularly and loves to look glowy and put-together. The strobing kit is just gorgeous! The cream and powder products blend seamlessly into the skin. The liquid lip shine is the perfect all-rounder and would suit almost anybody. Plus the bag-tag and sleeping mask are just too damn adorable. Ulta3 have a complete collection dedicated to Christmas gifting, I would definitely check out the other items.


I could write forever about beauty gift ideas! Mostly because I want all the beauty!!!! ECO Tools is a great little gift, it contains 3 double-ended brushes and a little travel bagg. The brushes are oh-so soft and such a high quality, that not only are practical and durable but super cute as well. Stila Stay All Day minis are gorgeous, and a great way to try a couple of different shades, it is probably my favourite liquid lippie formula to. Lastly, Mecca is absolutely killing it this year with their holiday collections, head to their website and you are bound to find the perfect gift.


Frankly My Dear have been designing primo jewellery for quite a while now, and usually feature heavily on my very own Christmas wishlist. Their pieces are to die for! They are also really reasonably priced. They do gorgeous dainty little rings and chains. But even if you’re after something a little more bold, they got you covered too. I have had my eye on these White Turquoise earrings for the longest time. I also love their gemstone pieces and detailed statement necklaces.


I am a huge watch lover and I have noticed a lot of online boutique watch shops pop up, like Barbas and Zacari and Uncle Jack. These shops carry gorgeous unique timepieces that are great quality, and really good on the wallet.  There are many colour options which allow you to match your watch to your outfit and both stores allows you to purchase extra bands to change-up your look even more. My picks are the Rose timepiece from Barbas and Zacari and the brand new Megan Gale Collection from Uncle Jack.



Clothes are always a good option too. Roll up a t-shirt and pop it in a stocking. Done and done. I have really been enjoying Few and Far Collective for both Men and Woman’s styles. They are a local Australian brand that create incredible designs. Their range is huge and I any dude would be stoked with a Few and Far tee.


For those beauty and food lover, I don’t think you can go past The Beauty Chef‘s brand new cookbook. This cookbook was created on the philosophy that “beauty is created in the belly.” It is a gluten and dairy free cookbook that contains over 150 recipes. As a big lover of The Beauty Chef powders and skincare, this was a natural next step for me. Although this is a little large to be a stocking stuffer, It is square and compact which makes it a great, thoughtful little gift. I love the idea of eating nourishing foods that not only are nutritional that good for your skin.


I was fortunate enough to be gifted a few goodies from Colette  over the last couple of months, and each item seems to be ideal for small Christmas gifts or even Secret Santas. Their range is adorable and definitely suited to the young female. When you think of Colette you immediately think costume jewellery and bags, but no, they are so much more than that. My picks are the initial key rings, Coffee travel mug, Cocktail shaker and stunning beach tote.



What do you want Santa to bring you? I REAAAALLLY want a stand-up paddle board, but that is a big ask, haha.


Happy festivities and shopping,

Camille xo

*DISCLAIMER – While some of the above products have been gifted to me over the year, this post is not by any means sponsored. These items were not gifted to me for the sole purpose of being included in a gifting guide. The products included in my gift guide have been personally picked by me, based on my own opinion and taste.  I make no money from any of the links.