Spring Essentials

Hello Petals,

Spring has Sprung! After 3 months of being rugged up, we can finally start to lose layers, wear more colour and feel a bit more fresh – But not without a bit of prep.

First of all I like to change a few things in the house. I switch my warm and deep scented candles to something a little more floral. I have been loving the Circa Home Jasmine and Magnolia candle. It really brightens up my house and gives off that Spring feeling.  Perfect for when I open up the house and let the sun shine in.


It is really important to change your skincare with the seasons. When the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, our skin has different wants and needs. I like to switch up my heavy night and day creams to a gel formula. Otherwise my oily skin cannot soak up all the product and I’m left looking like a greasy potato. I have been loving the Clinique Moisture Surge and Philosophy Take A Deep  Breath. Both of these moisturisers are gel-cremes formulas that are full of hydration and so lovely to use, they bring a boost of life to my skin. I honestly cannot pick a favourite, so I have been alternating between the two.


Spring of course is full of florals and colour. “Florals for Spring – Groundbreaking“. We can ditch those deep vampy shades we used for Winter, for more fresh pastels, peaches and pinks. I love using peachy toned blushes to bring that natural flush back to my face. Too Faced Love Flush in Baby Love is my perfect Spring cheek colour. The formula is blendable and long-lasting without being too obvious. I also adore Milani Luminoso and Benefit Dandelion. Another way to add in more pretty colours in definitely through your lips. Nudes, oranges, pinks and purples are perfect for this time of year. I am currently obsessed with the Ulta3 Tribal Talk collection. This collection is full of bright colour in an ultra-matte formula and are super affordable. I also have been loving these semi-matte liquid lip  formulas that have been released recently. They are pigmented, long-lasting but not crazy matte and drying on the lips. They have a creamy type of finish, but they definitely aren’t sticky, so you don’t have to worry about your hair getting stuck in your lipstick from that windy Spring weather. I love Revlon HD Matte Lipcolours and Maybelline Vivid Matte Lip Colour. Ash from Oz Product Junkie has done a great comparison between the two formulas.



I don’t know about you guys, but I really struggle with dry, red eyes when the seasons change. I have a pterygium on one of my eyes and it makes me really sensitive to environmental factors. Air-conditioning, wind, sun, cold, pollen – basically my eyes are sensitive to life, haha. But Spring especially wreaks havoc and all those people with hayfever struggle with this time of the year as well. Red eyes certainly aren’t cute. Visine have a great line of eyedrops that treat many different issues. I find that the Advanced Drops soothe my eyes instantly and removes any redness.  I use the I  have bottles of  Visine stashed all around the place to ensure it is on hand when I need it. Eye drops are deffinitely a Spring essential for me.


My feet do not see the light of day in the cooler months, if they aren’t in my trusty chucks, they’re in cute pizza socks or in my koala slippers. So to say they aren’t ready for cute sandals is an understatement.  My little tooties need some loving. Scholl have released a Wet & Dry Foot File, which is an absolute breeze to use. I like to use this guy in the shower when my skin is soft, to buff away any hard skin. I also use it dry to get rid of any stubborn dead skin. I also love using the MooGoo Shea Sorbet Butter Balm as a heavy-duty foot-cream, I pop this on after a shower and cover my hooves in socks and go to sleep, I wake up with beautiful smooth, sandal ready feet.


I also love to paint my nails pretty pastel colours. I love mint green, lavenders, soft oranges and pinks. Ulta3 recently released their Spring/Summer ’16  collection and  it is full of gorgeous nail polishes and they retail for only $2.30! I have ‘Hot Sand’ on my toes right now – It is a pale pastel orange. I am also obsessed with The Nail Lab shades in ‘Edna’ and ‘Grace’. Edna is this incredible muted neon purple. Damn, it’s pretty.  Another new nail release is the Sinful Colors Kylie Jenner – Trend Matter collection. This collection is full of satin mattes and demi-mattes which makes for a nice change in polish formulas.  The shades are soft and pretty unique. My picks are Purple Kraze (a deep lilac with a pink shimmer), Kool as a Kukumber (A lovely mint green with a slight silver fleck), and Butter Kup (a subtle creamy pale yellow).

Lastly, we need to bring back some life to our limbs! After being covered in cute cable knits, scarves, jeans and oversized jumpers,  my little dry pale body is seriously lacking some TLC. I love to dust off all those beautiful coffee, sugar and salt scubs and get wild in the shower. I am crazy about the scrubbing sensation on my pins and it feels so incredible after neglecting my poor body for 3 months. Plus, this prepares my skin for some glowin’. One of my favourite things about Spring is pulling out sun-dresses and feeling the sun against my skin. Needless to say, I need a touch of colour if I am going to bare my legs. This time of the year, I like to use something a bit lighter for tanning just to give me a sublte natural-looking bronze. I like to start with a gradual tan, like Vani-T Bronzing Custard to slowly build up to a lovely tan.  This particular gradual tan is so hydrating, smells absolutely delicious and delivers a natural streak-free finish. I also love Little Honey when I want something a little darker. Little Honey is a gorgeous new self-tan that creates the most amazing natural, streak-free tan which fades really evenly. Having smooth, bronzed skin definitely gives me the courage to wear Spring appropriate attire.


What are your Spring essentials? Or are you in the Northern hemisphere and gearing up for cooler weather?


Until next time (I’ll probably be outside soaking up the sun),


Camille x


*DISCLAIMER – Although some products were sent for my consideration, all views and opinions are 100% honest. All opinions are based purely from my own experiences. I try my hardest to provide my readers with accurate information, but I am not by any means a professional, nor am I an expert. Please do not confuse my opinions with professional advice.


It’s a Brow Off

Brows are everything.

Most days I brush my brows before I brush my hair. Needless to say I have a huge amount of brow products – gels, powders, fibres, pomades, pencils you name it. I am constantly on the search for my HG. But man, I am indecisive. Some days I like a super defined bold brown and other days I like simple and natural. So my favourite brow product varies from day to day. Fibre Gels however, are great for both looks. They are easily brushed on for an everyday look, or layered over powder or pencil for more depth and to set in place. These little tubes of magic are used daily by me and have to be my favourite type of brow product. I have used Benefit’s Gimme Brow religiously  for about 18 months but it really hurts my wallet to re-purchase. So when I found that other brands were creating similar products, I had to give them a go. These are tubes that I have trialled recently, and here are my thoughts…


Benefit – Gimme Brow in Light Medium (AUD $39)
The OG of fibre gels. This little guy has been of Holy Grail status to me for such a long time. But it does retail on the more expensive side of things. Taken from the Benefit website “This innovative brush-on fiber gel adheres to skin & hair…creating brows where before there were none. It builds easily for thick, lush arches, thanks to a tapered brush for blending and a precision tip for shaping.”
The packing is the smallest out of the bunch, which is disappointing due to the price. But the brush is perfection, It is super tiny and tapered making it really easy to apply. Mistakes are hard to come-by with Gimme Brow.

The formula is full of pigment and very cool toned. It also quite thick and dries in a couple of minutes, longevity is crazy and the formula is definitely water resistant.

Gimme Brow leaves my brows fuller and defined. The colour pay off is great and looks really natural. Mistakes are easily corrected and instantly set in place.

This guy has cult status for a reason. It works like a treat, filling, defining and setting my brows. It looks really natural, is a breeze to use and lasts all day. The only throwback as mentioned is the price, but the little tube does last for quite a while.

Innoxa – Brow Enhancer in Ash Blonde (AUD$26.95)
Innoxa have really stepped up their game lately; They have been releasing really innovative and quality products that are really reasonably priced. Innoxa describes the Brow Enhancer as “a tinted gel containing tiny hair particles to help fill and shape any hair gaps within the brows and instantly enhance your natural brow. Contains Widelash™ a powerful active that helps to thicken and condition the hair. Contains cucumber extract to help refresh & hydrate the skin. ” I had to do a little more research on what Widelash is and I found that it is an active ingredient that fortifies the hair fibre and increases hair production. You can read more about it here. Furthermore, Innoxa is an Australian owned company that is 100% cruelty-free and dermatologically tested. Which, as you know, are big winners are in my books.

Packing is stock-standard when it comes to brow fibre gels. It’s small and compact with a metallic lid. But most importantly the spoolie is a great small size, making it super easy to apply without mess or mistakes.

This formula is the most unusual out of the 4 gels. It is quite wet and transparent with obvious darker fibres. The colour is cool toned, but slightly warmer than Gimme Brow. It dries really quickly and stays put all day.

Due to the transparency of the product, it is really easy to build up from natural to bold brows. If a mistake is made, it is easy to wipe away . After the product is set it lasts all day and my brows are set into shape.

I really like Innoxa Brow Enhancer. I find that it is the most natural looking of the gels, has the most fibres and easiest to use. I love it for me, but others may not like that the brow fibres are darker than the gel. Due to the formula being only slightly tinted, I use a brow powder to fill out my brows before using this to boost and set my brows.


Essence – Make Me Brow in Browny Brown (AUD$5.10)

Essence Cosmetics can be really hit and miss, but when they’re good, they are really good. The stand in Priceline does look cheap and nasty, which does reflect the price of the products but definitely not the quality. A few of my all time favourite items are from Essence. Essence describes Make Me Brow as a 3-in-1 colour, fill and shape. Coloured eyebrow gel with fibres for naturally fuller-looking brows.

Once again packing is the same as the previous 2. Make Me Brow is really small and compact and the brush is only slightly bigger than Gimme Brow and it is also tapered for a good fit.

The formula is quite wet and watery with no obvious fibres when swatched. The colour is super cool toned, almost bordering on grey and can be a bit patchy at times. It takes quite a while to dry and set completely, but once set, my eyebrows stay in place all day.

Although the formula doesn’t seem up to scratch when swatched, it actually applies to the brow quite well and the result is really nice. It dries hard, which some people don’t like, but I actually love – I know they are in place all day when they are set like concrete, haha.

I really thought this was going to be a miss. However, it does the job pretty well. Granted it is not as good as Innoxa or Benefit but it is really comparable. For the price, Make Me Brow is a great little gel to have in amongst your makeup collection.

Chi Chi – Fibre Brow in Medium Brown(AUD$19.95)

Chi Chi is a really reliable, home-grown brand that are creating really exciting products. Chi Chi is innovative and has their finger on the pulse of up and coming beauty products.  They recently released a brow range which I have really been enjoying. Their brow pomade is comparable to, if not better than, Anastasia Beverly Hills. Blog post to follow shortly. Right now let’s talk about their Brow Fibre. Chi Chi explain that the Brow Fibre “ colour corrects, fills in gaps and helps create perfect eyebrows with a natural looking finish.”


Chi Chi’s packaging is all black – I would prefer it to be the matching colour of the gel, to make it easier fining it when you own more than one colour. The brush is probably the most similar to Gimme Brow. It is small and tapered, making it the perfect size for the brow.

The formula is really opaque, definitely the most pigmented of the 4. It’s not as watery as Innoxa and Essence, and it’s a really creamy sort of consistency, but this does make it take a little longer to dry. There are no obvious fibres when swatched on the hand, but they can be seen while applying it to the brows. Similar to the rest, the longevity is great and the brows stay in place all day.

The colour pay off is crazy, so I’ve learnt to go in a little more light-handed with this one. Because of this I find it easy to overboard and make mistakes. But because it takes a little longer to dry, it is super simple to clean up. Brows are defined, fuller and set hard.


I really like the formula and brush of the Chi Chi Brow Fibre. I will purchase this in a lighter, better suited shade, which I hope will cut-down the amount of mistakes I have made with the medium brown. Chi Chi have once again created a winning, reasonably priced, high quality product.


Each of these Brow Fibre Gels have pros and cons. I like Benefit and Chi Chi for the formula and brush size, Innoxa for the amount of fibres and for natural looking brows and  I like Essence for the price tag. I believe many other brands such as Model Co have also created similar products and can’t wait to give them a test drive as well.

Have you used fibre gels? What is your favourite?

Thanks for reading.

Love and Lipstick,

Camille x

*All of these products have been purchased with my own money for my own personal collection.

Let’s talk trash…

This will be the first post of many in this series. I have been gathering these empties for 2 months and due to being on a spending ban, I have been going through products like crazy. So please stay tuned for a lengthy post.



Sugar Baby Vita + Skin – Sugar C-rush (Coconut & Raw Sugar Exfoliating Body Scrub)
I’ll start off by saying I am a body scrub fiend. I love the sensation of grainy scrubs on the skin. Not only do they exfoliate and moisturise like a charm, remove every last bit of false tan, but they also create the sense of a spa treatment. Well, I think so anyway. This particular sugar scrub is so dreamy. The scent takes me away to some sort of tropical paradise and the scrub does its job perfectly. My skin is left so silky smooth and fresh. I generally use this the night before I plan to fake tan or whenever I need a little pampering.

Ishka – Raw Sugar Scrub (Coconut & Vanilla) 
… as I said, I am a fiend. This scrub is very comparable to the Sugar Baby scrub. The scent is so similar, if not a little stronger. My bathroom smells beautiful for the next day. The botanical and coconut oils moisturise and leave my body feeling heavenly. These scrubs are Australian made, organic, vegan and cruelty free. Plus they come in all sorts of amazing scents like – Vanilla and Orange, Goji Berry and Basil, Coffee and Vanilla. Ishka often have 50% off sales, I will definitely stock up on these next time.

Bondi Sands – Liquid Gold
I have never been a religious fake tanner, nor have I ever been that interested. However, dry tanning oils have completely changed that. I used the St. Tropez Dry Oil a year or so ago and fell in love. I used it only for special occasions due to the price tag. But then Bondi Sands released their own Self Tanning Dry Oil and a weekly tanning routine was created. This fast drying tan contains nourishing coconut and argan oil. There is no fake tan smell and no wash off required. Liquid gold is long lasting and fades evenly. The only negative is that there is no colour guard, which makes it easy to miss patches. But after a bit of practice, I feel as if I have almost perfected my application. The bottle lasts for around 5 uses and is really reasonably priced.


Original Source – 40 Limes Body Wash.
I love Original Source Body Wash and stay pretty damn loyal to the brand. I think it is safe to say I’ve used every scent and repurchased these over and over again. My boyfriend is absolutely obsessed with these as well. 40 Limes definitely isn’t my favourite but sometimes it’s nice to change things up. That being said, it doesn’t mean the 40 Limes is awful, it’s actually really good. I just prefer the Mint and Raspberry Vanilla scents.

Oh Deer Sugar – Blueberry Cheesecake Bath Bomb Jar
I love exploring and discovering small Australian brands. Although Oh Deer Sugar is no longer that small (Good on them!). I have made a few purchases from their website over the last little while and have absolutely adored all their products. The idea of a bath bomb jar gets me a little excited. I really enjoy having the control over how much product I use and being able to mix and match. But you do lose the novelty of a bath bomb fizzing away and exploding with colour. Which is why I generally add a scoop of this to an already bombed bath. This jar has lasted forever and smells delicious. This brand is adorable and deserves every success. The bakery style products are just amazing. Holding out ’till my spending ban is up and I can make another order. I’d love to add a face mask to my order to give a go.

GlamGlow – PowerMud Dual Treatment
GlamGlow seems to be a cult favourite. I purchased a few samples sizes while I was visiting Hawaii to see what the fuss was about. And I just can’t see why they are so popular. Although I haven’t had the chance to trial the white version, the two masks I did try didn’t blow me away. While the consistency is lovely and they feel really nice on the skin. They smell strongly of chemicals and leave my skin feeling tight and uncomfortable. These are not masks that will remain in my skincare regime.


Lush – 9-5 cleansing lotion
While I love Lush, I find a lot of their products to be hit and miss. 9-5 is a bit of a miss for me. There’s really nothing that is wrong about it, but there’s also nothing overwhelmingly right. The scent is very mild and leaves my skin feeling a little oily and not thoroughly cleansed. While it does the job and feels nice, it’s not a cleanser that I love.

Lush – American Cream Conditioner
I started this conditioner quite a while ago and wasn’t too impressed. The smell is incredible but it didn’t seem to last, nor did I find it very conditioning. But I have since cut my locks into a lob and thought I’d try to use this up. My opinion has completely changed. American Cream perfumed my hair and this lasted until my next wash. A few people even mentioned the strawberry milkshake scent. My hair was soft and shiny and oh-so sweet smelling.

Lush – Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie
I received Turkish Delight as a little extra in an online order. I have never used a shower smoothie before so I was intrigued. Turkish Delight smells of rose and feels nourishing but left a bit of an oily film on my skin. I wasn’t overly impressed.


Lush – Big Shampoo
This is a re-purchase. Big smells absolutely amazing. It has got to my favourite lush smell. Full of sea salt and lemon, this shampoo can be a little drying but man, does it give great volume. I look forward to using Big once a week to give my fine, limp hair a little boost. I just ensure my follow-up conditioner is really nourishing. It’s a winner.

Lush – Marilyn Hair Treatment
Marilyn is a pre-wash treatment aimed at blondes for brighter hair. With notes of banana and oats, Marilyn smells lovely but that’s about where the good stops. I found this hair treatment did nothing for me and really weighed down my hair, regardless of what amount I used. Marilyn won’t be joining me in the shower again unfortunately.

Lush – So White Shower Gel
Limited Edition So White smells of crisp apples and rose. It’s the same consistency as most Lush shower washes. It leaves you smelling great and feeling squeaky clean. It’s a really lovely uplifting scent. Will repurchase next time it is released.

Lush – Retread Hair Conditioner
Retread is marketed as a triple strength conditioner. Which aims to give life to rough and wrecked strands. Since my bleached hair is often course and dry I thought this would be ideal. However, the conditioner is similar to Marilyn in that it left my hair oily and heavy. Once again it smelled great, full of orange and violet. But I just couldn’t get Retread to work for me.


Are you still with me? Only a few more to go..

Lush – Vanillary Perfume
Vanilla is hands-down my favourite scent, but it often can be too sweet and artificial. This perfume is exactly what vanilla should be. It’s a warm, soft and creamy caramel scent with subtle notes of jasmine. hallelujah! This perfume is absolute perfection. I have repurchased this too many times to count and will continue to for the rest of my days.

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Brow Wiz in Soft Brown.
This was the first ABH product I bought and have re-purchased it many times over. I love the tiny pencil and the dual ended spoolie. This little guy is perfect for on the go and oh-so easy to use. Always a staple in my makeup bag.

Too Faced – Better Than Sex Mascara
Hello holy grail mascara! Better Than Sex is just that. It makes my eyelashes look huge and full without being clumpy. This mascara is jet black and lasts all day without flaking or transferring. The packaging is cute and sturdy. Although BTS is on the more expensive side it is definitely worth it. I will be re-purchasing after my spending ban is up.

Benefit – They’re Real Mascara (Sample size)
This is a great little mascara, but only if it is the sample size. Strange, right? But I just don’t get the same results using the full size. They’re Real lengthens, separates and adds volume. It is super black and a little wetter than most mascaras. Not sure whether I’ll repurchase, as Better a Than Sex in my go-to.

And we are done. Thank you so much for hanging in there and reading the entire blog post, even though there was probably something more productive you could have been doing 😉 Haha.

Love and Lipstick,
C x