Spring Essentials

Hello Petals,

Spring has Sprung! After 3 months of being rugged up, we can finally start to lose layers, wear more colour and feel a bit more fresh – But not without a bit of prep.

First of all I like to change a few things in the house. I switch my warm and deep scented candles to something a little more floral. I have been loving the Circa Home Jasmine and Magnolia candle. It really brightens up my house and gives off that Spring feeling.  Perfect for when I open up the house and let the sun shine in.


It is really important to change your skincare with the seasons. When the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, our skin has different wants and needs. I like to switch up my heavy night and day creams to a gel formula. Otherwise my oily skin cannot soak up all the product and I’m left looking like a greasy potato. I have been loving the Clinique Moisture Surge and Philosophy Take A Deep  Breath. Both of these moisturisers are gel-cremes formulas that are full of hydration and so lovely to use, they bring a boost of life to my skin. I honestly cannot pick a favourite, so I have been alternating between the two.


Spring of course is full of florals and colour. “Florals for Spring – Groundbreaking“. We can ditch those deep vampy shades we used for Winter, for more fresh pastels, peaches and pinks. I love using peachy toned blushes to bring that natural flush back to my face. Too Faced Love Flush in Baby Love is my perfect Spring cheek colour. The formula is blendable and long-lasting without being too obvious. I also adore Milani Luminoso and Benefit Dandelion. Another way to add in more pretty colours in definitely through your lips. Nudes, oranges, pinks and purples are perfect for this time of year. I am currently obsessed with the Ulta3 Tribal Talk collection. This collection is full of bright colour in an ultra-matte formula and are super affordable. I also have been loving these semi-matte liquid lip  formulas that have been released recently. They are pigmented, long-lasting but not crazy matte and drying on the lips. They have a creamy type of finish, but they definitely aren’t sticky, so you don’t have to worry about your hair getting stuck in your lipstick from that windy Spring weather. I love Revlon HD Matte Lipcolours and Maybelline Vivid Matte Lip Colour. Ash from Oz Product Junkie has done a great comparison between the two formulas.



I don’t know about you guys, but I really struggle with dry, red eyes when the seasons change. I have a pterygium on one of my eyes and it makes me really sensitive to environmental factors. Air-conditioning, wind, sun, cold, pollen – basically my eyes are sensitive to life, haha. But Spring especially wreaks havoc and all those people with hayfever struggle with this time of the year as well. Red eyes certainly aren’t cute. Visine have a great line of eyedrops that treat many different issues. I find that the Advanced Drops soothe my eyes instantly and removes any redness.  I use the I  have bottles of  Visine stashed all around the place to ensure it is on hand when I need it. Eye drops are deffinitely a Spring essential for me.


My feet do not see the light of day in the cooler months, if they aren’t in my trusty chucks, they’re in cute pizza socks or in my koala slippers. So to say they aren’t ready for cute sandals is an understatement.  My little tooties need some loving. Scholl have released a Wet & Dry Foot File, which is an absolute breeze to use. I like to use this guy in the shower when my skin is soft, to buff away any hard skin. I also use it dry to get rid of any stubborn dead skin. I also love using the MooGoo Shea Sorbet Butter Balm as a heavy-duty foot-cream, I pop this on after a shower and cover my hooves in socks and go to sleep, I wake up with beautiful smooth, sandal ready feet.


I also love to paint my nails pretty pastel colours. I love mint green, lavenders, soft oranges and pinks. Ulta3 recently released their Spring/Summer ’16  collection and  it is full of gorgeous nail polishes and they retail for only $2.30! I have ‘Hot Sand’ on my toes right now – It is a pale pastel orange. I am also obsessed with The Nail Lab shades in ‘Edna’ and ‘Grace’. Edna is this incredible muted neon purple. Damn, it’s pretty.  Another new nail release is the Sinful Colors Kylie Jenner – Trend Matter collection. This collection is full of satin mattes and demi-mattes which makes for a nice change in polish formulas.  The shades are soft and pretty unique. My picks are Purple Kraze (a deep lilac with a pink shimmer), Kool as a Kukumber (A lovely mint green with a slight silver fleck), and Butter Kup (a subtle creamy pale yellow).

Lastly, we need to bring back some life to our limbs! After being covered in cute cable knits, scarves, jeans and oversized jumpers,  my little dry pale body is seriously lacking some TLC. I love to dust off all those beautiful coffee, sugar and salt scubs and get wild in the shower. I am crazy about the scrubbing sensation on my pins and it feels so incredible after neglecting my poor body for 3 months. Plus, this prepares my skin for some glowin’. One of my favourite things about Spring is pulling out sun-dresses and feeling the sun against my skin. Needless to say, I need a touch of colour if I am going to bare my legs. This time of the year, I like to use something a bit lighter for tanning just to give me a sublte natural-looking bronze. I like to start with a gradual tan, like Vani-T Bronzing Custard to slowly build up to a lovely tan.  This particular gradual tan is so hydrating, smells absolutely delicious and delivers a natural streak-free finish. I also love Little Honey when I want something a little darker. Little Honey is a gorgeous new self-tan that creates the most amazing natural, streak-free tan which fades really evenly. Having smooth, bronzed skin definitely gives me the courage to wear Spring appropriate attire.


What are your Spring essentials? Or are you in the Northern hemisphere and gearing up for cooler weather?


Until next time (I’ll probably be outside soaking up the sun),


Camille x


*DISCLAIMER – Although some products were sent for my consideration, all views and opinions are 100% honest. All opinions are based purely from my own experiences. I try my hardest to provide my readers with accurate information, but I am not by any means a professional, nor am I an expert. Please do not confuse my opinions with professional advice.


What are Microbeads? What are the best Microbead-free scrubs?

I am a huge lover of anything exfoliating. Whether it be chemical or physical, I love getting it all over my face and removing that pesky dead and dry skin. I’d do almost anything for fresh, bright smooth skin….almost anything. One thing I won’t do is knowingly endanger the environment, especially our sea creatures, in the name of glowy skin.

Let me introduce you to an ingredient in most physical scrubs – Microbeads. I am sure you’ve met MB before, you are probably quite well acquainted. I would even go as far as saying that microbeads have been all up in your face before. Microbeads are generally responsible for the exfoliating action you feel as you scrub. Sure they feel good, but I promise you, they are evil.

Microbeads are little tiny weeny balls of plastic that create a real danger for both our planet and its inhabitants. One tube of scrub can contain upwards of 300,000 little balls of evil, that is just ONE TUBE. These beads are washed straight down the drain, too small to be filtered through sewerage systems and ultimately end up in our oceans. Filled with chemicals these mircobeads poison the water as well as marine-life. And these little devil-beads are adding up. Although there have been calls from the Australian Government to ban the use of microbeads, this still has not happened. So, currently it is up to us, as consumers, to limit the use of these products until they are phased out.


What can you do?

Opt for organic skincare, or products that highlight the use of natural exfoliants. Check labels for the keyword polyethylene and steer clear. Some of my personal favourites are listed below with not a devil-bead in sight.

Antipodes Reincarnation Pure Facial Exfoliator

This creamy scrub is perfect for dry skin. It is super gentle and hydrating. Full of rich oils to nourish and balance the skin. Plus it is completely organic, cruelty free and created by our lovely kiwi neighbours.

Skinsitut Glycolic Scrub 14%

Want something a little more cosmeceutical? This scrub definitely packs a punch. Full of glycolic acid, Tea Tree Oil and Jojoba beads. I use this when my skin is breaking out and  in dire need of a cleanout.Although it isn’t organic, it is one of my all time favourites. Not recommended for sensitive skin

St. Ives Green Tea Scrub

This scrub used to be my ride or die face scrub, we were mutually exclusive for a good 18 months. This scrub is full of antioxidants and obviously, green tea. It is great for fighting free-radicals and reducing redness in the skin. This can bit a little abrasive, so I would recommend this to normal/combo/oily skin.

Manuka Doctor ApiClear Purifying Facial Scrub

I am currently loving all things Manuka Doctor. My skin really reacts well to the antibacterial and nourishing properties of Manuka Honey. This particular scrub brightens, resurfaces and refines the skin, while noy drying it out. I would recommend using this scrub on normal to oily complexions.

IndeedLabs Facial Powdered Exfoliator

This is such a great product. It is a gritty type of powder that you mix with your regular cleanser or water to get some exfoliating action.  Skin feels so smooth, polished and clean. It is full of amazing products like pineapple enzyme, bamboo extract and red algae. This powder promotes a high cell turnover, collagen production ans skin renewal.


I am sure there are many other beauty battles on our hands, and I know I am still struggling using  products that have been tested on animals, one step at a time…


Speak soon lovers,




*DISCLAIMER – Although some products were sent for my consideration, all views and opinions are 100% honest. All opinions are based purely from my own experiences. I try my hardest to provide my readers with accurate information, but I am not by any means a professional nor am I an expert. Please do not confuse my opinions with professional advice.

Magnesium Benefits – AmazingOils

Hi Petals –
Have you, like me, heard a bit about Magnesium lately? I have read a few blog posts about this miracle worker and the benefits sound unreal! So, what is it all about?

Firstly I’d like to take some words from the AmazingOils website – “Before I even begin writing – a warning: It’s complicated’ because magnesium is essential for so many bodily functions that its influence cannot be wrapped in a nifty sentence or soundbite. There are a LOT of theories around the new implications of this mineral which is almost as important as air and water for humans.” *

… As important as air and water in humans?!  WOW! Magnesium is already present in our bodies and can also be found in plants and vegetables. It is responsible for energy production, regulating blood pressure, and healthy muscle and nerve function. Can you believe that the majority of the population are actually magnesium deficient?Being deficient can cause all sorts of issues like muscular cramping, restless leg syndrome and ill-health. It can make it harder for you to deal with stress and make it harder to get a good nights sleep. Unfortunately if magnesium is taken orally it can be destroyed by the gut and the benefits can not be reaped. It is said that magnesium can reduce stress, tension, regulate hormones, encourage sleep, relieve muscle aches, help with anxiety and skin conditions, among many other things.

IMG_7376 (2)

This is where AmazingOils Magnesium comes in. Amazing Oils is a family run Australian business that is all about health and well-being. Their magnesium is sourced from two secret natural salt lakes in Australia. These magnesium products are used externally which is absorbed straight through the skin and into our blood stream. More in-depth information about the science behind magnesium can be found here.

I have been using the magnesium bath flakes for around 5 weeks now and I love it. I am already an avid bath user, there is just something so relaxing about submerging your body in steamy hot water for half an hour and letting your thoughts drift off. I have a fairly stressful job, so I jump at the chance for a bit of relaxation time. I have been adding a handful of the bath flakes into my regular baths and this is probably going to sound silly, but, it has made a huge difference. My stress and worries instantly melt away and my aching neck is quickly soothed – even more so than my usual bath. It may be a placebo effect, or it could be that my body is crying out for magnesium – who knows. But I love it and don’t want it to stop. As soon as I get out of the tub I feel energised but supremely calm. My body feels tension and pain-free. This product also works wonders for period cramps and headaches. WINNER.

IMG_7689 (2)

The next product I have is the AmazingOils Ugly Bits stick, and man, does this product excite me. But the name makes me laugh every time. This little rollerball delivers a highly concentrated dose of magnesium straight to your skin, and is used for a multitude of things. Dab it on skin tags, moles, ingrown hairs, pimples – you name it and it’ll fix it. I have started using a Clarisonic recently and my skin is currently in the purging stage, so I have been popping this on any blemishes and they disappear overnight, if not in a few hours (praise the lord). I have a chronic ingrown hair on my bikini line, a few unsightly moles and skin tags that I would like to get rid of, so I’ve been rubbing the ugly sick (haha, that name) on them every day and watching them minimise before my eyes – Seriously, no joke.

IMG_7515 (2)

I also have the Magnesium Facial Cream, so I can give my skin and blemishes another blast of magnesium goodness. The cream is full of shea butter, coconut oil, hazelnut oil, vitamin E and apricot oil – so it is super hydrating to boot. It would be perfect for dry skinned pals, but if i use it sparingly it works perfectly on the greasy disco ball.

I have also read over at Nourished Life, that AmazingOils Magnesium flakes are food grade and a few flakes can be added to a litre of water for even more absorption. The amount of magnesium based product is huge and can’t recommend them enough. Next on my list is a magnesium rich salt scrub and a spray to apply straight to my sore neck.


Have you used magnesium before? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Camille x

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*DISCLAIMER – Although some products were sent for my consideration, all views and opinions are 100% honest. All opinions are based purely from my own experiences. I try my hardest to provide my readers with accurate information, but I am not by any means a professional nor am I an expert. Please do not confuse my opinions with professional advice.